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Visa On Arrival in Oman

MuscatInternational Airport in Oman

Additional Information 
1. All visitors must hold onward or return air tickets.
2. Residents expatriate employees with valid employment visas leaving the Sultanate of Oman for a stay abroad exceeding 180 days from the day of departure, their visas will automatically be cancelled.
3. Warning: Passengers will be returned to point of origin on the same carrier at own expense and a fine up to R.O. 200 will be imposed on the carrier if they arrive with improper or missing documentation or who are not eligible for visa on arrival.


Countries - List A: 

European Countries
Andorra, Czech Rep, Greece, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino, Turkey,
Austria, Denmark, Hungary, Lithuania, Netherlands, Slovakia, United Kingdom,
Belgium, Estonia, Iceland, Luxembourg, Norway, Slovenia, Vatican City,
Bulgaria, Finland, Italy, Macedonia, Poland, Spain,
Croatia, France, Ireland, Malta, Portugal, Sweden,
Cyprus, Germany, Latvia, Moldova, Romania, Switzerland

Central & South American Countries
Argentina, French Guiana,  Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, Suriname, Chile, Uruguay,Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador

Other Countries
Australia, Lebanon, South Korea,
Brunei, Dar al-Salam, Malaysia, Taiwan,
Canada, New Zealand, Thailand,
Hong Kong, Seychelles, United States of America
Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, South Africa

You can always check the latest information on the Oman Airports Website here...


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