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Qatar Labour Law on Sick Leaves

Under the Labor Law, a worker is qualified for paid sick leave every year of his service. 

In any case, a worker might be qualified for sick pay if the worker has been employed for a time of over three months and only if a medical certificate is presented from a doctor affirmed by the employer. 

The minimum basis for payment for sick leave is computed as below: 

  • During the initial two weeks, the worker should be paid fully. 
  • During the net four weeks, the worker should be paid half of his salary. 
  • Any period from that point, up to six weeks will be viewed as unpaid until the point when the employee either resumes work, resigns or is terminated for health conditions. 

Despite this, an employer can agree contractually to provide its workers with more liberal payment terms in period of sick leave. 

Termination during Sick Leave 

The Labor Law provides a business with the privilege to terminate a worker's services toward the end of the twelfth week of sick leave if a report issued by a authorized physician proves it stating the employee can't continue work. 

Resignation because of sickness absence 

If a worker resigns from job because of sickness before the end of paid six week time frame, an employee is entitled to and his condition is supported by a medical certification from an authorized doctor, an employer need to pay the outstanding balance of his paid entitlement for that period. 

In case of continuous service

Any period of time of sick leave up to a period of 12 weeks won't constitute an interruption of continuous service in any year and will be incorporated towards the relevant period for the purpose of any end of service benefit payment.

Other things to know

  • The Labor Law does not allow a worker to carry forward any sick leave entitlement to the next year. 
  • Any accumulated and unused sick leave will be lapsed at the end of every year. 
  • Employers should make sure that any period of sick leave are documented clearly so that there is sureness with regards to the status of the leave which the employee is liable all the time.

So also, it is sensible for an employer to request for, and a worker to provide the needed medical certificates, during any long period of sick leave, so the employer is have up to date information of the employee’s health conditions.

Source: qatarday

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