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Qatar new labour Law No two years Ban No Exit Permit Labor Law

In Qatar new labour law there will not be any ban to change jobs and not required exit permits while leaving the country. Focusing on 2022 football world cup which will be hosted by Qatar lot of development is ongoing and great job opportunities are creating.

To boost opportunities and to attract expatriates, the ministry of labour modifying Qatar law. As per current law employer required Exit permits to exit from the country and if someone resigning they will get a 2-year ban.


New Qatar labour law will implement on December 2016 below listed will be main updates in new Labor law

Two Year Ban Removal-Expatriates can come back any time

There will not be any ban for the employer to search and get new jobs. As per new law, an employee can return back to the country after three days of departure if he has a new employment contract. Law has removed the two-year ban in Qatar required for expatriate employees to return to the country after his departure. As per higher official press conference Kafala system (Sponsorship) will end with implementing new labour law

Exit permit not required to leave the country

Here onwards not required exit permit to leave the country. By old law exit permit required from Sponsor Company to leave the country and the process is taking a week to get approval. They have to apply online through Metrash 2 service to get Exit permit approval. This was highly affecting those who are leaving the country in an emergency situation.

By Qatar New labour law it is not required for employees to get an Exit permit from employer or sponsor company to leave the country. He only needs to inform the employer that he is leaving. The employer has no right to stop employees from leaving.

An employer cannot hold Employee Passport Workers passport, not for employers

Qatar labour law banning employer to hold workers passport.Q atar new labour law increase fine for holding expatriate workers passport from 10,000 QAR to 25,000 QAR. Employers do not have the right to keep expatriate workers passport in their locker

Employee-Employer relation in Job Contract and New contract to be signed

As per Qatar new law, it is required to sign a job contract between both parties to decide employee-employer relation .contract period should clearly specify whether it is two-year contract or five-year contract. The new contract has to be signed by both parties and this contract will be different from one to be signed based on the Kafala system.

Change of Job –easily can jump to new opportunities

New Qatar Labor law allows job seekers to search better new opportunities and to change jobs. By old Qatar labour law, Kafala system expatriates required approval from employer or sponsor and Ministry of labour and social affairs to change new jobs. By the new law employee with the fixed contract can leave job any time without permission of employer however it is required to get approval from the Ministry of labour and social affairs to change employer.

Source: gulffocus

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