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Bahrain Ministry Contact Information

Bahrain Ministry Contact Details:

Prime minister office:

​Phone No ​Email Address

​Private Office ​207 9400 [email protected]

​Cabinet Office ​201 2142 ​

​Defence and Home Affairs ​201 2409 [email protected]

Office of the First Deputy Prime Minister:

Address:P.O. Box 1000

Manama - Kingdom of Bahrain

Email: [email protected]

Ministry of interior:


address: P.O Box 13, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain

Ministry of foreign affairs:


Email:[email protected]

Minister of Housing

P.O. BOX 5802, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain

Tel: 17533000

Minister of Health

Address:P.O.Box: 12. Building 1228, Road 4025, Juffair 340, Kingdom of Bahrain.

Telephone: +973 1728 8888.

Minister of Finance

Phone:973 17575000

Address: PO Box 333 , Manama, BAHRAIN

Fax:973 17531713

Minister of Education

phone:+973 17273656 43,manama,kingdom of bahrain,

Email:[email protected]

Minister of Labour and Social Development

phone:+973 17-87377

address:ministry of labor buliding,street 214,Isa town 32333,bahrain

Email:[email protected]

Minister of Electricity and Water Affairs

Phone: +973 17 515555

Email: [email protected]

Minister of Oil

Telephone: +973 - 17312644

Fax: +973 - 17293007

Address :GBCORP Tower, 19th Floor Building No. 1411, Road No. 4626, Block 346 - Bahrain Financial Harbour District, Sea Front/ Manama

P.O.Box 1435 Manama-Bahrain

E-Mail [email protected]

Minister of Transportation and Telecommunications

Ministry of Transportation (Headquarters)

P.O. Box 10325

Kingdom of Bahrain

Tel: +973 17 337878

Fax: +973 17 534041

Courier address: 9th/32nd/33rd Floor, East Tower, Bahrain Financial Harbour

Land Transportation

P.O. Box 10325

Kingdom of Bahrain

Tel: +973 17 337878

Fax: +973 17 534041

Courier address: 32nd Floor, East Tower, Bahrain Financial Harbour

Civil Aviation Affairs

P.O. Box 586

Kingdom of Bahrain

Tel: +973 17351111

Courier address: Building 586, Road 2409, Muharraq 224

Ports and Maritime Affairs

P.O. Box 75315

Hidd,Kingdom of Bahrain

Tel: +973 17 359595

Fax: +973 17 359558

Courier address: Building 702, Road 1510, Hidd 115

Media and Public Relations

Tel: +973 17 337899

Email: [email protected]

Minister of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowment

Kingdom of Bahrain ,Diplomatic Area, Manama P.O.Box 450

Telephone:17513000 - Fax:17536343

Minister for Defence Affairs



Minister of Information Affairs

Tel: 00973 17871111

Fax: 00973 17681112

P.O. Box: 253 - Kingdom of Bahrain

Minister of Works, Municipalities and Urban Planning

[email protected]


Postal AddressP.O.Box. 53

Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain

Minister of Industry and Commerce and Tourism

Industry Affairs Tel : 17568000

Commerce Affairs Tel : 17574777

EMail: [email protected]

PO Box : 5479

Diplomatic Area, Manama Kingdom of Bahrain

Source: wikipedia

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