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Kuwait night life

Kuwait night life

Kuwait is not a city associated with ‘nightlife’ in the Western sense of the word; alcohol is forbidden, so there are no bars or nightclubs. Instead, socializing after dark centre’s around shopping, dining, visiting late-night cafés and strolling along the promenade. Theatre is also very popular– check the local press for listings.

Bars in Kuwait City:

Casper & Gambini’s:

Without any nightclubs, you’re more likely to see locals gossiping over an espresso freeze in a late night café than twirling on a dance floor. Casper & Gambini’s is a rather identikit chain coffee shop that serves cakes, food, soups and lots of caffeine until 11pm. This branch is located in a converted townhouse.

Address: Usama Ben Monaqiz Street, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Telephone: +965 2243 0065.


Sky Lounge:

Acting as the top hat of the Radisson Blu, Sky Lounge is a swanky rooftop bar that spoils guests with breathtaking panoramic sea views. The terrace has comfy sofas that are ideal for a soft sundowner, while the covered lounge has floor-to-ceiling windows and glimpses of the imposing Al Hashemi II dhow.

Address: Al Bida Road, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Telephone: +965 2567 3000.



Smoking shisha, a flavoured syrupy tobacco inhaled through a water pipe is one of Kuwait’s more sociable late night activities with hookah bars found throughout the city. Many are full of men watching football and chatting, but chain café TCHE TCHE offers an opportunity for a puff in more service station surroundings.

Address: Marina Crescent, Bayan, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Telephone: +965 2224 4902.


Live Music in Kuwait City:


If jazz is your thing, you best enjoy Japanese food as well, because Edo mixes the two on a Tuesday night. Set in a 1950s villa, this wonderful Asian restaurant has its own sushi bar that serves excellent sashimi and nigiri, as soft jazz musicians add to the sophisticated ambience in the background.

Address: Area 8, Street 80, Al Shaab Al Bahri, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Telephone: +965 2265 9590.


English Tea Lounge:

With a harpist in the background as well as extravagant chandeliers, polished marble floors and lavish Persian rugs, the English Tea Lounge feels like a colonial country home. Open until midnight, their afternoon teas run late into the evening with fluffy scones, delicious pastries, chocolate fondues and plenty of tea.

Address: Fahad Al Salem Street, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Telephone: +965 2242 2055.


Le Tarbouche:

For an authentic taste of traditional Arabic music, you’ll need to dine at Le Tarbouche, a Lebanese restaurant at the rooftop of the Sheraton Kuwait Hotel and Towers. Distinguished oud and tabla artists perform in the background while diners enjoy some excellent mezze, kebabs and salads in opulent surrounds.

Telephone: +965 183 5555.


Theatre in Kuwait City:

Kuwait Little Theatre:

It may have had humble beginnings, but Kuwait City's oldest theatre still produces excellent amateur productions. Established in a nissen hit in 1948, the playhouse later moved to a bigger venue, which was ransacked by Iraqi invaders in 1990. The curtains were raised again in 1994, hosting everything from Grease to Talking Heads. Performances in English.

Address: Main Street, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Telephone: +965 937 3678.


Kuwait Public Theatre:

If you’re looking for some authentic Kuwaiti culture, try this small theatre, which mainly focuses on local drama and the odd traditional folkloric show. Much of Kuwait’s theatrical heritage is derived from the Egyptian dramatists of the 1960s and shows can often be political.

Address: Street 71, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Telephone: +965 481 6222.

Sha'ab Theatre:

Located within the Al-Sha'ab leisure park, this theatre is a real crowd puller that’s known for its films rather than its productions. With the park open until midnight, there’s plenty of time to catch up with the latest flicks, which are often Hollywood blockbusters or the latest children’s animation.

Address: Arabian Gulf Street, Salmiya, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Telephone: +965 561 3777.

Restaurants in Kuwait City:

For decades, the Kuwait City restaurant scene has lagged behind other Gulf cities, but with impressive amounts of investment and a taste for international cuisine, it now has plenty of culinary gems to discover. The quality of seafood is particularly excellent.

Salt Restaurant:

Sunk into the heart of Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel and Spa, the overly lavish interior of the Salt Restaurant sets out its intent: showy fine dining. Fortunately the food doesn’t disappoint and chefs plate up some of the most decadent seafood in the city as a live pianist tickles the ivories in the background.

Address: Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel and Spa, Al Ta’awn Street, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Telephone: +965 2226 9666.


Riccardo Italian Restaurant:

It’s not easy finding authentic Italian cuisine in Kuwait, but this long-standing restaurant, fashioned like a Renaissance period apartment, always delivers. Located in the heart of the Sheraton Kuwait, where it’s been a must-visit since 1979, try the traditional risotto and finish off your meal with a decadent tiramisu.

Address: Sheraton Kuwait, Fahed Al-Salem Street, Safat, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Telephone: +965 2242 2055.


Pepper Steak House:

When nothing but a thick juicy steak will do, head to this stunning steakhouse. Widely regarded as one of the best restaurants in Kuwait, the service and setting are both impeccable, but it’s the meat that takes centre stage. As well as steaks, expect everything from duck salads to lamb shanks. Note: the dress code is smart casual.

Address: Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel & Spa, Al Ta’awn Street, Safat, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Telephone: +965 2226 9666.


Ayam Zaman Restaurant:

Nestled inside the Holiday Inn, and split across several rooms, Ayam Zaman serves Lebanese food with true Arabian hospitality. Expect sizzling mixed kebabs, mounds of tabbouleh, bowls of plump olives and plenty of creamy hummus. For something special, try the grilled chicken and pistachio rolls. Ask for a table that overlooks the garden.

Address: Holiday Inn, 140 Hamad Al Mubarak Street, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Telephone: +965 2184 8111.


Al Boom:

Part of the Radisson Blu Hotel, this popular seafood restaurant has the distinction of being located in the hull of a traditional dhow. Don’t worry about getting seasick though – it’s dry, in all senses of the word. Dinner is a fixed menu of impeccably cooked fish or meat, delivered hot off the grill to your table.

Address: Radisson Blu Hotel, Al Bida Road, Al Ta’awn Street, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Telephone: +965 2567 3430.


Assaha Lebanese Traditional Village Restaurant:

If you get fed up of flashy fine-dining restaurants, then this tourist-focused Lebanese eatery can be a breath of fresh air. With exposed brick walls, Moorish tiles and traditional hanging lamps, it can feel like a Disney version of an old-fashioned country house, but the food, in particular the shawarma grills, can feel much more modern.

Address: Al Khalij Al Arabi Street, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Telephone: +965 2253 3377.


Le Notre:

You’ll see Le Notre a lot on your travels around Kuwait City – they have cafés in the Al Fanar, Marina and 360 malls. Despite the name, it isn’t limited to French cuisine, but serves fresh Mediterranean and Arabic dishes too. Its breakfast buffet is extremely good value, but leave room for its patisserie desserts, whatever the time of day.

Address: 360 Mall, South Sura, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Telephone: +965 180 5050.


Souk Al-Mubarakiya:

Don’t be fooled by the humble appearance of the restaurants that line the edge of Souk Al-Mubarakiya, they’re among the best cheap eats in the city. Pull up a plastic chair for an authentic Middle Eastern meal of fresh kebabs, green leaves, pickles, hummus and pita picked from the surrounding shops.

Address: Between Mubarak Al Kabir, Ahmad Al Jaber and Ali Al Salem Streets, North Shuwaikh, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Burj Al-Hamam:

If you’re on a budget, Burj Al-Hamam offers unrivalled sea views without the need for your sharpest threads. Jutting out into the sea from the Corniche, this is a great place to sample delicious Middle Eastern mezze. The desserts are particularly moreish – round off your meal with sweet baklava and a strong cup of coffee.

Address: Gulf Road, near Green Island, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Telephone: +965 2252 9095.


Shopping in Kuwait City:

For a flavor of Arab-style shopping, the Old Souq is the place to head for with its characterful bustle of gossiping traders and eye-for-a-bargain customers. Perfume infused with frankincense, gold bangles, colourful scarves and cloth, spices, dates, pickled shark and dried shrimp are all available in the aisles of the main arcaded complex. Quality souvenirs are on offer at Sadu House, a cultural foundation dedicated to preserving Bedouin art. The traditional weavings are made with vegetable-dyed wool, some of which are made on site on wooden hand looms.For a more modern experience, head to Salmiya. The main street, Hamad al-Mubarak Street, is known as the 'Champs-Elysées' of the Middle East and is lined with glass-clad malls. Sharq Souq (Arabian Gulf Street, Sharq), alongside the marina, is another fashionable area to stroll, shop and have coffee or a bite to eat.

The Avenues Mall:

This is a two-floor extension to the present shopping experience, holding a variety of recognized brands.

Offers a classic mall environment of an architectural style that is contemporary and modern.

KidZania located on the first floor, above the “The Jewellery”, and an entertainment center that provides children and their parents a safe and unique educational environment stretch over an area exceeding 5,000 sq.m.

Address: Sheikh Zayed Highway, Kuwait

Phone: +965 2259 7777


Discovery Mall:

It is a great place for children fun, Games and toy shops also clothes. It's actually a specialized mall for children

Address: First Ring Rd, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Phone: +965 9724 1669


Souk Sharq:

The place is nice for a family day out; you can have your coffee or tea in one of the coffee shops and restaurants in front of the marina. Good for shopping, cinema and walking.

Address: 25, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Phone: +965 1822 680


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