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5 Best Night Clubs in Manila in Philippines

If you are into clubbing and dancing, then you will probably love the night clubs in Manila. They even have one of the biggest clubs in all of Asia, with space for more than 2,000 people and renowned DJs playing every weekend.

However, if you are like me and hate night clubs and only use them to pull quick and easy one night stands within half an hour or less, then you might be better off to completely cut them out of your nightlife plans.

The good news is that there are more night clubs in Manila than in any other city in the Philippines. The bad news is that there are no such “hooker-discos” comparable to High Society in Angeles and J-Ave in Cebu City. Means you shouldn’t expect any such place where you can just go, grab a beer, take a look around, talk to one of the girls you like and 10 minutes later head off with her to your hotel.

In that case you will be much better off to go to one of the freelancer bars, especially LA Café in Ermita, where you can do just that. And they have got a live band too if you like to dance with your girl first to inspect her body.

With all the downsides out of the way – what are the positive things about the night clubs in Manila? Well, they are definitely fun if you like it loud (like really, really loud), if your focus isn’t 100% on girls but more on celebrating and seeing what the night brings, or maybe your focus is on girls and you want to meet normal Manila girls, means not hookers, then they are definitely the place to go.

Just be prepared to work a lot harder on the girls in the Manila clubs as 90% of them are either shy talking to a foreigner in public or simply not interested in foreigners at all. The remaining 10% are indeed hookers, it’s not like you don’t find any freelancers at all. Just look around. And yes, the discos have some of the hottest Filipina girls you can imagine, or where else do you think they go partying late at night?

Now that you have some good overview of the vibes and audience, let’s come to the list of the currently five best and most popular night clubs in Manila:


Valkyrie is the number one night club in Manila, and it’s especially popular among the Hi-So Filipinos of the capital. The girls’ quality couldn’t be better. Located in the heart of the hip and modern Makati district, it’s also the biggest disco in town with space for more than 2,000 (!) people over two floors. The ground floor has many small, round tables right in front of the DJ stage and in the back there are very exclusive VIP tables with comfortable white couches (you will need to buy a bottle to get access to them, and on weekends it might be a good idea to make a reservation as Valkyrie is always packed). The second floor is overlooking the ground floor and has even more VIP tables. If you are just a “normal person” who wants to check out Valkyrie and its girls then you should just go right to the front where other people are standing around the small tables (don’t worry, obviously not everyone has a table here).

  • Admission: 800 Pesos weekdays / 1,000 Pesos weekends (including 2 drinks)
  • Working Girls: 10%
  • Dress Code: Pants and shoes (on weekdays they make exceptions and you can wear shorts, however shoes are always required means no flip flops or sandals).
    There is no dress code in all other clubs mentioned here.


Exklusiv is the one night club that comes closest to a “hooker-disco”. It’s located in the Malate red light district and surrounded by countless of KTVs and also the girly bars of Ermita are just a 15 minute walk away. So where do you think all the prostitutes are going after they finished work at 2am or 3am and haven’t found a company for the night yet? Exklusiv! The great thing about this club is that they don’t charge an admission fee and also the drink prices are very reasonable, the prices are almost identical to the bars. So you can just walk in, order a beer and see if you can make eye contact to someone pretty. However, be informed that the action here starts very late, means only at about 1am the club starts to fill up and like I said later it’s better around 2am-3am when all the bar girls arrive for “fishing” how they call it.

  • Admission: Free
  • Working Girls: 40%

Chaos Club

Quite off the tourist radar and located in the City of Dreams complex in Parañaque district, Chaos is a perfect mix of modern club but still relatively low key and not as Hi-So as Valkyrie and Revel. If you go there as a foreigner you will surely have a lot of eyes on you, but you better take at least one friend with you unless you aren’t shy to talk to someone right away. Very important: Chaos is currently only opened from Wednesday to Sunday, and they keep changing the hours so just take a look at their Facebook page if you plan to give it a visit, you can also find their upcoming events on there.

  • Admission: 500 Pesos (regular nights) / 1,000 Pesos (events) including 1 drink
  • Working Girls: 40%

71 Gramercy

The highest night club in Manila, located on the 71st floor of the Gramercy Residences in Makati. It’s a legendary place and if you have a date in Manila then a visit here will be unforgettable with the breathtaking views of the Makati skyline and all around Manila. 71 Gramercy is changing the names of its establishments quite regularly (such as their lounge, scotch bar and restaurant) so I don’t really want to mention any names here, but you can basically just go to the Gramercy Residences and take the elevator up to the 71st floor and you will surely have a great night – no matter what the place is actually called this year.

  • Admission: Free
  • Working Girls: 5%

Palace Pool Club

Don’t be mislead just because this place is mentioned last – there is no particular order for this top list, because each place is unique and has its own delights. The Palace Pool Club is the perfect example for that as it’s the best day club and pool club in the Philippines. It’s located in Makati right next to Valkyrie (see above). I probably don’t need to mention that the big highlight here is the pool (I still do it) that is attracting some of the most attractive Manila girls with the nicest bodies and curves. That said, it’s also a lot about showing face in this club and that means you will need to pay for your table and bottle to make a good impression on the girls.

  • Admission: Free (Sunday-Thursday), 800 Pesos (Friday/Saturday)
    including swim band, towel & 2 drinks
  • Working Girls: 20%

Drink Prices in Manila’s Night Clubs


Let’s start with the beer prices in case you just want to walk in and check out the ladies: It’s 100-200 Pesos for a local beer (100 Pesos in Exklusiv and around 200 Pesos in Valkyrie). Spirits with mixer (glass) are in the 150-300 Pesos range (yes again very dependent on the club) and bottle prices are relatively expensive if you compare it to the discos in Thailand, the cheapest you get here is usually a Red Label, Vodka or standard Tequila for around 3,000 Pesos and then there are seemingly no limits for the premium liquors.

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