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7 places to have great time at night in Doha

Qatar and nightlife may superficially seem to be at odds with one another, however, the opposite is true. Although, Qatar’s nightlife scene may not be as lively and exciting as cities such as Las Vegas or London or Miami or Berlin and there are strict laws in place that regulate the sale and consumption of alcohol, which is deemed as the life of night time. Qatar’s population is an overwhelmingly Muslim but the country still has pretty exciting nightlife circuit, which guarantees fun for people who want a taste of the country’s nightlife. 

There are many spots in Doha city that visitors and expats can visit and have a good time. Although, not as hip and savvy as the nightlife spots of say New York, these places will for sure mesmerise you with a dose of entertainment that you won’t forget for a long time to come. 

Today we bring a list of some of the great places to have fun at night in Qatar’s capital, if you’re in town or planning to visit anytime soon make sure you visit these amazing places.

1 Crystal Club:

Crystal Club is perhaps the one of the most stylish and preferred nightspot in the modern city of Doha. Visitors can spend a fabulous night of partying here with the most outgoing people in town, under the sparkling Baccarat chandelier. The club serves bubbly champagnes, fruity signature cocktails and other kinds of alcoholic drinks as well.  To get people onto the dance floor, the club consistently has some of the most popular DJs of the country in the house.


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Author: Mohammad Azher    Source: qatarday

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