Great News for OFWs: New Zealand Announces Job Openings for 5,000 Skilled Workers

  • New Zealand recently announced that it needs 5,000 skilled workers to rehabilitate the country following an earthquake in 2011.
  • Workers could earn as much as P131,000 as a mason or driver.
  • However, there's a stringent requirement of over 3 years of overseas work experience.

Here’s some great news for Filipinos interested in working abroad. New Zealand recently announced that it needs 5,000 servicemen or skilled workers, according to the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).

Most of the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) that we know of work in the Middle East, a popular working destination for Filipinos who dream of better lives for their families. Although the pay is great, there is also a significant risk of encountering an abusive employer, particularly for Filipinas who work as household help.
In a report by TV Patrol, the country of New Zealand is looking for carpenters, farm hands, drivers, and other skilled workers in the construction industry. The country’s job order requirements are as follows:

1,928 carpenters

499 masons

427 farm workers

397 fitter tyre / tech

361 scaffolders

329 drivers

309 pipe fitters

226 machine operators

201 painters

167 laborers

100 auto technicians

As reported by POEA, the continuing demand for laborers was primarily due to the ongoing rehabilitation in New Zealand, following a major earthquake in 2011.

Skilled workers, once hired, could earn as much as 3,520 New Zealand dollars. At the exchange rate of P37 : 1 New Zealand dollar, this is roughly equivalent to P131,000 for laborers, machine operators, masons, and drivers. For carpenters, the pay is slightly lower at 2,400 New Zealand dollars, or P89,000.

However, not everyone is qualified to apply for these New Zealand job openings. First and foremost, recruitment agencies consider an applicant’s overseas work experience. To qualify, he or she must have worked for more than 3 years abroad, proof of the worker’s familiarity in using modern equipment.

According to the Philippine Association of Service Exporters Incorporated (PASEI), they call up previous employers of the applicant to verify his or her work experience. For these New Zealand jobs, the application process could take around 3 months before the employer greenlights the applicant.


Despite the longer processing period, there is no placement fee required for the application. Moreover, hired skilled workers could petition for their family to be immigrated to New Zealand after a year of working in the country.

Watch the full news report below.

Are you interested in working abroad? Do you know someone who wants to? Would you consider working in New Zealand? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below. 


Source: tnp

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