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Oman calls out expat teachers who breach private tuition ban

Expat teachers in Oman have been warned they face “severe punishment” if they continue to breach the ban on private tuition, Times of Oman reported.

There are still Indian teachers who engage in the illegal practice – usually from their homes - despite private tuition being banned in the country, Oman education adviser M P Vinoba was quoted as saying.

“All principals are requested to ensure that teachers of their respective schools, right from kindergarten to class XII are not engaged in giving private tuition and private teaching activities with immediate effect,” said Vinoba.

But some parents, who send their children to private tutors, have voiced concerns over the ongoing ban.

“While we appreciate this step taken by the school board, we are equally worried for our children as their exams are around the corner,” one parent said.

Another concerned parent said the government should make the provision for extra tuition.

“Schools should have the facility of providing such classes post school hours. Only then, will this regulation help. Otherwise, it is just putting more pressure on students and the parents as well.”

But a senior member of the Indian School administrative in Oman said schools had taken necessary measures to ensure the quality of education given to their students.

“I ask the community to not panic, because the schooling system has taken adequate steps and is equipped enough to handle this situation.”

The source said some Indian schools had started to introduce special classes called ‘gurukul’, a new concept that allows students to attend evening classes, especially those who are having problems grasping important lessons.

Source: arabnews

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