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Oman Top 10 Beaches

Oman’s coastline stretches for a distance of 3,165 kilometres, including beaches overlooking the Sea of Oman, the Arabian Sea and the Straits of Hormuz in the North. The nature of this coastal strip varies from tourist-friendly sandy beaches where summer holiday-makers hang out, and the rocky coasts, bays, islands and lagoons with their diverse geographical make-up, making them ideal for fishing and marine excursions

Al Mughsayl 

Mughsayl Beach (also written as Mughsail Beach) is the most liked beach by the locals and tourists alike. Mughsayl is a long stretch of blue water sea and white sand. The landscape is pretty nice and the beach has mountains on both the sides, which make the view elegant and photogenic. It’s a perfect picnic spot.

Qurum Beach

This beach lies in AlQurm Area in the heart of Muscat and extends over a large area. A number of large hotel chains are built next to it, such as Hotel Muscat InterContinental and Crowne Plaza. This beach is considered one of the busiest in Muscat due to its location near shopping centres and restaurants. Walking enthusiasts can enjoy the boardwalk along the beach and then rest on the numerous chairs and umbrellas that dot the beach.

Bandar Jissah

Bandar Jissah is located near Qantab, on the way to Al Bustan. The bay is quite secluded and the rocks at the foot of the cliffs can be good for exploring when the tide is out. Snorkelling is popular here. There is also a children's playground and snack shop.

Mutrah Corniche

This is near one of the most important ports in Oman, Port Sultan Qaboos in the heart of the capital Muscat. It overlooks beautiful mountainous rocky formations and is one of the most gorgeous sites in the Governorate of Muscat, ideal for picnics, watching the sea and admiring ancient buildings.

Ras Al Hadd Beach

The beach is about 60 kilometres from Sur City, the capital of the A'Sharqiyah South Governorate. This beach has been home to human activity since the third millennium BC and serves as a safe haven for ships from storms. Fighter planes took shelter in it in during World War II and the marks of the runways still exist today. This beach has been proclaimed a turtle reserve. Turtles come here, especially to Ras Al Jinz beach in Wilayt Ras AlHadd, to lay an estimated number of from 6,000 to 13,000 eggs. The beach is distinguished by its spectacular bays and rock formations which are havens for large numbers of birds.

Shores of Al Wusta Region

AlWasta Governorate (the central region) is characterised by a series of beaches varying in nature and topography. Some are surrounded by rocks that look like carved natural awnings, especially in Ra’s Midrakah and Ash Shuway’ir, in Wilayt A'Duqum, while others are carpeted with soft, clean sands like the shores in AL-Jasir and Mahut. All these beaches enjoy mild weather that often blows cool breezes accompanied by a light water spray which gives them their distinctive atmosphere.

Duqm Beach

This beautiful beach is known for its soft, clean sands, its azure waters and cool breezes, and is only 20 kilometres from the centre of Wilayat AlDuqm in Al Wasta Governorate (the central region).

Dhofar Governorate

Dhofar Governorate  is characterised by attractive and rich beaches. There are plenty of lagoons crowded with flamingos, as well as caves with winding entrances. The Governorate’s most important beaches are Al Maghsayl, Raysut, Al Hafah, and the shores of Wilayat Taqah, Mirbat and Sha, noted for the purity of their sands and the beauty of their surrounding rocks and scenic nature. There are a number of lagoons, such as Sawli, Al Baleed, Ad Dahareez, Atheeb and Salalah, where you can see large numbers of flamingos. As for lovers of diving and water skiing, they can rest assured that the shores of this governorate are among the best in the Sultanate. You can easily access these shores through well paved roads and other services.

Turtle Beach

On a private beach overlooking the Gulf of Oman, this laid-back, remote resort is 9 km from Ras al Hadd Fort. 

Pebble Beach

If great views and crystal-clear water are your idea of an idyllic escape, Oman’s Pebble Beach is the place to go, find Shaquel al Balushi and Shamsa al Mahrooqi

About 150km south of Muscat, a sweep of aquamarine water combined with a vast tract of pebble beach suddenly came into my view. With sea, sand and mountains, it’s a place that really typifies Oman.It was not my first time here. Years ago, when driving back from Sur, I found the place by accident, much to the amusement of my travel companions. We spent a pleasant few hours there and then forgot all about it.

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