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Government office to fire employees caught playing PUBG

A warning was issued to all the employees.

Mayor of Biliran in the Philippines has issued a warning to municipal employees against playing PUBG during office hours. The step was taken after several public servants were caught wasting time on mobile phones and online games particularly Mobile Legends and Player Unknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG). 

Mayor Gerard Espina issued a memorandum which read: "Let it be known to all municipal employees that this act is not included in your responsibility, obligation, and duty as public servants. Under this circumstance, I hereby order that employees that are caught playing mobile games during office hours will be [terminated] upon proven guilty." 


According to reports in, the move comes after "a significant number of employees" were reported to be playing mobile games during office hours. Espina further said that he hoped the memorandum would prompt erring employees to "level-up their maturity in terms of the seriousness of public service or 'squad up' to find a new place of employment". 

Mobile Legends is known as a multi-player battle arena while PUBG is a third-person shooting game which has made several headlines over gamers falling prey to the gaming addiction. On Friday, Tencent - the developer behind the eSport, introduced 'digital lock' in PUBG to reduce gaming addiction and curb cyberbullying. The digital lock will is a parent control feature wherein users below the age of 13 would require their guardians to unlock the game for them, reported Money Control. 

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