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58% rise in new driver’s licences in Sept

The number of new driver’s licences increased 58 percent in September compared to August 2020 according to the monthly bulletin issued by the Planning and Statistics Authority.

The Authority has released the 81st issue of (Qatar; Monthly Statistics) bulletin; a series of statistical newsletters released on a monthly basis.  In this issue, it highlighted the most important statistical changes that occurred in the country during September 2020 in addition to extracts from the results of the 2015 Census.

One of the prominent changes also is the increase in total number of new driver’s licences and total number of new vehicles registered at a monthly rate of 58% and 35.6%, respectively (compared to August 2020), said the Authority in a statement. The total traffic violations also increased at a monthly rate of 6.1%. The highest number of traffic violations was in Over Speed (Radar) violation reached 101,000 with a monthly increase of  8.1% compared to August 2020.


The demographic statistics revealed that the total population of Qatar has decreased from 2.75 million during September 2019 to 2.72 million at end of September 2020.

As for the Social Security statements, reached QR81m in September 2020, for 14,901 beneficiaries, Recording a monthly decrease of 2.8% and 2.4% for the value of social security and for the number of beneficiaries of Social Security respectively.

Total electricity consumption during September 2020 was 4988.9 GWh attaining a monthly decrease of 7.6% and an annual decrease of 1.3%. While the total water consumption has reached ‘59695.7 Thousand’ m3 during the same month attaining a monthly decrease of 4.6% and an annual rise of 2.8%.

Regarding the data of buildings permits issued, the total number of permits has reached 757 permits during September 2020, recording a monthly increase of 31.2% and an annual decrease of 0.1%.

Traffic accidents cases without counting the accidents without injuries, a total of 459 traffic cases were recorded during September 2020, showing a monthly increase of 13.6% and an annual decrease by 15%. 

Light injuries are accounted for the vast majority of traffic accidents cases during the same month, with 87%, followed by severe injuries by 11%. However, 10 deaths were recorded, equivalent to only 2% of total traffic accidents cases.

The total number of registered new vehicles during September 2020 has reached 6,191 new vehicles. The figure showed a monthly increase of 35.6% and an annual increase of 4.6%. 

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