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No VAT or income tax but Cigarettes & colas to cost more in 2019 : Qatar Budget

Qatar's Ministry of Finance has displayed its budget plan for the year 2019, and it includes a little increase in government spending and the first surplus in 3 years.

The budget, which was declared thursday, comes on the back of stable oil prices and a new tax that was implemented, according to Reuters.

Increasing energy costs are expected to give Doha an a lot higher income in 2019 despite the imposition of the illegal siege by neighbouring nations. 

Qatar's spending is projected at QR206.7bn in 2019, up about 1.7% from the budget plan in 2018.

That diverges from an projected 20.5% jump in revenue to QR211bn, Be that as it may, the nation won't collect any esteem included assessment (VAT) in 2019 and neither will it force pay impose on nationals and occupants. 

Qatar said it will not levy value added tax (VAT) in 2019 and neither will it impose tax on income of citizens and residents, even as it will establish a general tax authority (GTA). Saudi Arabia and the UAE had presented 5% VAT this year, however Qatar said it wanted more time to assess the effects of VAT. However, it will establish a brand new General Tax Authority (GTA), reported Gulf Times.

The GTA will be established as a separate entity under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance. The GTA will be in charge of the implementation of all tax laws.

According the Peninsulaqatar, "The Selective Tax law is intended to imposes taxes on certain health-damaging goods, and it will be actualized by the start of 2019. The law includes a 100% tax on tobacco and its items and energy drinks and a 50% tax on sugary drinks.”

As per Qatar tribune reported, The budget focuses on giving necessary funds to advancement of new housing territories for nationals, enhancing food security projects, and the establishment of infrastructure and facilities in free zones, special economic zones, and industrial and logistics zones

Doha will grant further exemptions to vital economic sectors and will not impose a tax on investments in shares and profits, however will force particular duties on wellbeing harming merchandise from the earliest starting point of 2019, as indicated by the Ministry of Finance.

Distributions to salaries and wages have expanded by 9.4% to QR57.1bn contrasted and QR52.2bn in 2018. This ascent is the consequence of expanding enlisting to anchor expected staff to operate several newly completed projects, especially in the education and health sectors.

QR22.7bn has been apportioned to the health sector, and it will be utilized to enhance health services administrations incorporate development in Hamad Medical Corporation facilities, National Laboratories premises, completion of four new health centres and commencement of construction of five new health centres.

Regardless of a drop in allocations, significant undertakings division kept on speaking to the biggest offer of expenditure at 43.3%. The spotlight keeps on being on finishing ventures in driving segments including healthcare, education and transportation, along with those related to the hosting of 2022 FIFA World Cup.

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