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Qatar Ministry Announces New Measures to Prevent Spread of Coronavirus

The Spokesperson of the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management, Lolwah bint Rashid bin Mohamed AlKhater, on Tuesday, has laid out new preventive measures to stop the spread of Coronavirus in the country. Coronavirus has already been termed as a ''pandemic'' by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the virus has spread across the world, bringing it to a standstill. 


Addressing a press held by the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management, she suggested as to how this move will not affect the daily life of the general public as there have been talks already with concerned companies to provide the daily needs of their workers and also take care of the salaries of the workers.

She further pointed out that ministries like  Ministry of Municipality and Environment, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs and the Ministry of Public Health are all working in tandem to bring back normalcy in their lives.

Below written are the preventive measures against the spread of coronavirus. 

1) Closing part of the industrial area from street 1 to street 32  for two weeks, which can be renewed, starting from March 17, after discovering several cases, which are subject to quarantine.

2) Closing of all retail stores and bank branches in commercial and shopping complexes except food and pharmacy outlets. 

3) Closing of all men and women salons and even their home services until further notice. 

4) Stopping health-related activities in hotels according to the circulars issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, until further notice.

Her Excellency also confirmed citizens entering Qatar will be quarantined for 14 days, after three coronavirus cases have came up from tourists from United Kingdom, Spain and Switzerland recently.

She further thanked the citizens of the country for understanding the emergency situation prevalent in the country and staying patient. She also requested the public to avoid social gathering for the next two weeks, which is being considered a crucial period.

"Qatar has followed the principle of transparency with the local and international communities since the beginning of this crisis, by announcing all cases, their numbers and health conditions, and announced all the measures taken to limit the spread of the epidemic" said AlKhater.

"Qatar will do its utmost to limit the spread of the virus and take all the necessary required decisions, pointing out that this effort requires the solidarity of all individuals, institutions and sectors" she further said. 

She hoped that the preventive measures taken by the goverment of Qatar will help them restrict the spread of Coronavirus in the country.


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