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Doha – Qatar Cost Of Living 2020

The fee of living in Qatar, or in any region for that matter, largely depends on your lifestyle and where you return from. Qatar is not very steeply-priced location to stay in, and the authorities does not price plenty on several things along with electricity, water, and domestic smartphone lines. Qatar hardly ever imposes taxes. The simplest tax being levied is the import tax, however this is also pretty affordable. The citizens right there get unfastened electricity, water, and contact lines! The essential charges that you can ought to really cope with here are - lodging, which largely depends on your area of stay, other than educational charges if residing with family.

However, people getting into the country with the motive of just paintings and stay, might also be aware that while some things can be less expensive there, others can be quite costly. The overall cost of living is high as compared to other GCC areas like Kuwait, Oman, KSA and Bahrain. So, it's miles crucial to don't forget while we speak of that marvelous income that, you have to stay on it as properly as keep it.

Apart from very cheap petrol, many day by day items are becoming more high-priced in Qatar than in different countries. About 90 ninety percent of food in Qatar is imported, and hence even fundamental foodstuffs may be pricey. Also, the cost of leisure is no much less.

The 2019 Mercer Cost of Living Index locations Doha at 115th position our of 209 towns surveyed, putting it under different main Middle Eastern cities like Dubai and Riyadh, however more high-priced than Kuwait City and Muscat.

The overall fee of living in Qatar may be classified based on prices for unique quantities for the identical items and services across essential Basket Groups.

Rentals typically constitute approximately one-1/3 of average monthly costs of an expat family, and debts to one-third of CPI (Consumer Price Index), a fee of residing size which compares real-time expenses of common patron items, in contrast to equal month previous yr. The CPI is normally calculated via comparing the fee of a median basket of products purchased by residents in a normal month.

Accommodation / Rental Expenses

Almost all expatriates running in Qatar rent their residences, and majority of them are on employment contracts that provide loose or subsidized housing, utilities and furniture. The unfurnished flats will offer simplest the bare essentials along with a kitchen unit, curtain rails, lights fixtures (could also suggest semi-provided). There are also provided properties but, they may be more difficult to find and are more high-priced.

Almost all expatriate accommodation in Doha come with a number of amenities together with swimming pools, gymnasiums, tennis courts and playgrounds. Majority of villas and homes have gardens. It is also viable to locate separate apartments and townhouses to lease.

Finding a rented accommodation in Qatar is a straight-forward, nicely-installed practice. Several main international companies regularly have their very own housing arrangements in the form of long-term leases on residences for their staff. But, when you have to find self-lodging, there is giant desire and depends on the type of assets you want.

You can determine on a budget, and pick out a area depending on the importance of accessibility for your paintings vicinity, the type and size of residing space you want, irrespective of whether it is villa or apartment, wide variety of bedrooms, etc. Doha, being a small metropolis, nearly all areas are easily handy to the City Centre, schools and airport.

Rental expenses will take in a lion's share of your monthly budget. You will also have to think about your investment for purchase of gadgets which include beds and sofas, as maximum of the properties accessible for leases in Qatar are unfurnished, except, you're looking out for a grand rental or a large villa.

The typical month-to-month rentals for flats at present (approximate values) are as follows: But, the quotes vary largely depending on the region of the belongings.

Depending on the vicinity of the flat or residence you pick out, and the amenities available there, the monthly rental for studio and unmarried bedroom flats usually fall inside the range QR2800 to QR7000. A bed space rent can average out at approximately QR 900.

At the higher-give up of the scale, a unmarried bed room apartment in high priced Pearl Qatar development can begin at QR10,000, whilst a two bed room might be about QR12,000 to QR14,000.

Two bedroom flats in Umm Ghuwailina can begin with QR6,500 monthly, whilst a double bed room fully-furnished condominium at Al Wakra may be approximately QR5000.

A three bed room rental in town centre may be anywhere between QR7000 and QR15000.

Now, with these form of rentals, except your organization gives you a beneficiant housing allowance, even the most appealing tax-loose income may not be of any help while you relocate to Qatar.


Cost of transportation for public shipping, automobile fuel, vehicle coverage, automobile protection inclusive of in the form of rent buy or lease of vehicle, petrol or diesel, public delivery service maintenance, automobile insurance and automobile purchase is comparatively much less when in comparison to maximum other cities.

Petrol is very affordable and second-hand cars also are moderately priced. The fashionable mode of shipping in Qatar is thru Bus, Karwa taxi or personal taxi. One way ticket (nearby transport) can variety QR3 to QR10

The starting price for taxi (everyday tariff) is QR10.00 (range QR10 to QR16). Thereafter, QR1.90 may be charged for each additional kilometre. The normal tariff for taxi 1 hour waiting may be QR25.00 to QR50.00.

The price of one litre of Gasoline is QR1.93 (range QR1.55 to QR2.10). Premium grade petrol costs about QR 1.85 in keeping with litre, with brilliant grade costing QR 1.95 per litre. Diesel is around QR 1.90 a litre.


Educational costs are increasing by way of the 12 months in Qatar. There is a public school gadget in Qatar, which is unfastened, but, is open best to nationals. The cost of personal schooling could be high, but the first-class of training is great. In a few cases, the prices are borne via the enterprise as a part of the employment contract, and subsequently, it might be sensible to ensure of this, before you signal your contract.

It is important to be aware about the price of non-public training whilst moving into Qatar with a school-going child, particularly if it includes university schooling. Although it could seem achievable initially, it can come to be being a monetary pressure thanks to regular boom in expenses, as frequently is the case. The value of training varies depends on the type of school and curriculum followed.

Typically, for a non-public preschool or kindergarten you can must pay QR1000 to QR3000 in keeping with month for complete day take care of a single child.

The number one faculty rate for international faculties in line with yr should fall in the range QR18,000 to QR50,000 relying on the faculty and amenities.

Fees for high faculties will be anywhere upto QR70,000 according to year. Please note, that this does not consist of uniforms and delivery fee.

There are one of a kind faculties for exclusive nationalities, such as Indian, Pakistani and Filipino faculties, and some of these can be less costly.

Clothing and Shoes

Cost of apparel and footwear which includes enterprise suits, informal garb or kid's garb, and add-ons along with hats, coats, evening wear, and innerwear is stated to be little too high priced in Qatar, when in comparison to different towns. However, that is the case most effective when you appearance out for designer labels. There is hardly any want for winter garb right here. Given, the region’s warm climate, plenty of apparel is unnecessary. Office put on for guys is typically a blouse and tie, except for formal occasions.

At present, when purchasing, a couple of jeans(Levis 501 or comparable brands) may cost a little approximately QR100 to QR350, a summer get dressed in a chain save like Zara or H&M may cost a little about QR100 to QR300, a pair of Nike going for walks shoe (midrange) fees about QR250 to QR500 and a pair of fellows leather enterprise shoe can also fall within the variety QR200 to QR500.


The daily price of living is largely structured on food prices. The value for meals, non-alcoholic drinks and cleansing material gadgets, inclusive of baked goods, canned foods, child consumables, dairy, fresh end result and vegetables, fruit juices, oil and vinegars, meat, pet meals, ready-to-eat meals, sauces, snacks, seafood, gentle drinks, spices and herbs are rather pricey in assessment to other towns.

About 90 percent of meals in Qatar is imported, and hence, even fundamental foodstuffs may be pricey. Expats can discover the presence of numerous most important grocery store chains in and around Doha, which includes Monoprix, Spinney’s and Carrefour, and hence, shopping at them would appear to be shopping at home. But, if you purchase internationally-renowned branded meals and household items, you might become paying higher fees than in your house u . S ., even though there are lots of cheaper local and locally produced options to be had supplying good exceptional products.

Expats can also possibly spend 10 to twenty percentage of their salaries on food every month. Given underneath are the current expenses of a number of the overall meals objects so as to provide you with a fair idea of the market.

Food Item

Price range

Milk (regular), (1 liter)

5.00 - 7.00

Loaf of Fresh White Bread (500g)

4.00 - 7.00

Rice (white), (1kg)

4.00 - 7.00

Eggs (regular) (12)

6.40 - 15.00

Local Cheese (1kg)

15.00 - 50.00

Chicken Breasts (1kg)

13.50 - 40.00

Beef Round (1kg)

16.50- 45.00

Apples (1kg)

6.50 - 8.00

Banana (1kg)

4.50 - 7.00

Oranges (1kg)

4.00 - 8.00

Tomato (1kg)

4.00 - 9.00

Potato (1kg)

2.00 - 5.00

Onion (1kg)

2.00 - 4.00

Lettuce (1 head)

3.50 - 2.00

Water (1.5 liter bottle)

1.25 - 3.00


The cost of healthcare, medical and medical insurance such as general practitioner, consultation rates, hospital private ward daily rate, private medical insurance, non-prescription medicine, medical aid contributions, are all comparatively more expensive in comparison to other cities. Qatar has a well-resourced state healthcare system, namely, Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), which offers free emergency treatment to all those who register. In Qatar you get good public health insurance for comparatively cheaper price of QR200 annually.

But, now, HMC is facing pressure due to long waits for treatment, and hence majority of expats opt for private healthcare which can be expensive. Therefore, check if your offer letter includes health insurance for you and your dependents and the exclusions that it may have.

Qatari government has announced plans to introduce universal health insurance system in future, which implies that every company may have to provide health insurance for its employees.

If you are medically insured you will be paying QR25 for each visit to a medical specialist. For a private hospital, you may expect to pay QR100 to QR250 and for a private specialist consultant you may be billed QR250 to QR600.  However, if you are visiting the Primary Health Care Centre, Hamad Medical Corporation, you can get a health card for around QR100 and visiting the health centre is free if you have the correct health card, and only a minimum charge for any relevant medicines may be required.


Cost of various modes of communication including home telephone rental and call charges, internet connection and service provider fee, mobile phone contract and calls, all are equally expensive on an average, in comparison to other cities. Mobile and internet bills may cost you about QR200 to QR500 depending on your usage.


Utilities including water, electricity and gas are subsidized to a certain extent by the government in the region, which owns these services (except for bottled gas supplies), aiming to offer cheaper water and electricity, to benefit the local population. Therefore, utilities are cheaper than most European countries. But, in peak summer air-conditioning costs will surge, instead of the cost of heating in other colder countries.

The water tariff in Qatar at present is QR4.40 per cubic metre for upto 20 cubic metres of water, while electricity tariff is about QR0.08/kwh for a consumption of upto 2000kwh.

The cost of alcoholic beverages such as wines and spirits, where these are permitted, are a little lower than in the UK, or other countries, although they are still higher than average European prices.

Electronic goods including television, DVD players, computer hardware and software, photographic equipment are all generally less expensive than in Europe, owing to lower import duties.

Cost of personal care products and services such as cosmetics and hair care or moisturizer and sun-block, pain relief tablets, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, conditioner, are all equally expensive on an average in comparison to other nations, depending on the brand opted for.

Cost of books, cinema tickets, DVD and CDs, are comparatively more expensive than in other cities.

Restaurants and eating out costs such as business dinner, or family dinner at a restaurant is comparatively expensive there.

Author: Syed Ameer   

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