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List Of Beaches In Qatar

A 563-km sandy coastline means that Qatar has a lot to offer by way of sun and sand. 

While Qatar is quite welcoming and does not have a strict dress code, it is an Islamic country. Expatriates should be respectful of the dress code and keep their knees and shoulders covered and not wear anything too tight or revealing.  The dress code becomes much more important during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Al Ghariya Beach

Historically the location of a desert camp for the country’s scouting movement; this beach is now a common weekend getaway for campers. There is a beach resort as well as a popular sandy beach to the north.

Khor Al Adaid

An inland sea to the south of Qatar, Khor Al Adaid shares a side with Saudi Arabia and has a shore in both countries. Four-wheel-drive vehicles are necessary and only experienced drivers should attempt the journey. Local tour operators also organise day trips and overnight camps to the area.

Ras Abrouq

The road to the Ras Abrouq beach (70km from Doha) passes by a wild deer reserve and through what looks like a deserted village but was actually built as a film set. The drive to Ras Abrouq affords views of a sweeping half-moon bay, flanked by rocky outcrops.


Also known as 42km beach or the French beach – Maroona is a small beach 80km north of Doha. It’s a good place to enjoy the water but the sand is too fine and not quite suitable for pitching tents.


This beach affords an unusual sight of eroded hills meeting the water’s edge. The area has a fine sandy bay with coves that make good picnic spots. 

Source: lifeinqatar

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