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Driver flies 30 metres into air; crashes inside parked SUV in horrific viral clip

After his car flips over four times, the driver is catapulted from his vehicle nearly 30 metres away into the passenger side of a parked SUV. Police reports confirmed he died as a result of his injuries.   


Around two weeks ago, police have captured the man in charge of the death of another driver in an bizarre hit-and-run incident in Saudi Arabia.

Najran Police attested that the man who slammed into the get truck which flipped over on King Abdullah Street almost two weeks prior on November 29 has been detained.

He has been referred to the general population arraignment for further examination. A video clip of the incident catches the minute when the victim careens off the main road after being rammed from the rear by a larger pick-up truck.The bigger get truck continues to drive on as the other car spins out of control.

After his car flips more than multiple times, the driver is slung from his vehicle about 30 meters away into the traveler side of a parked SUV.

According to police reports, he died as a result of his injuries.

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