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Expat arrested for harassing his Filipino Maid

Female laborers travel by a long shot from their home to serve us just to gain a little measure of cash, however a couple of cruel natured individuals treat them with such fierce and despicable acts. 

A video became a web sensation which was recorded furtively by Beth Lili in which it was obviously observed that the male patron of the housemaid was attempting to assault the woman and she was endeavoring to spare herself by pushing him away and undermining him with a blade. 

The video was later presented on Twitter by some web based life client and became famous online. You can watch the video toward the finish of this article. After this video, Filipino housemaid Beth Lili transferred live recordings of herself to her Facebook page in trouble and being irritated both explicitly and physically manhandled by her boss. 

She was asking for help, asking for to safeguard her and enable her to make a trip back to her nation Philippine. She clarified in her video that her manager both man and lady abuse her. 

As Hazrat Ali (R.A) stated: "A general public can work on a kufar framework however not without Justice." This adage is said by the fourth caliph of Islam and consistent with this day and will remain so. 

Following his lead, the Saudi Government and the Law Enforcement Agencies including the Police Department and the Court Systems are extremely quick to look, take-up and give equity. 

He has been captured: We all realize equity deferred is equity denied, and simply the main nation on the planet where we see equity being given so rapidly is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Inside a couple of hours of the video being publicized, the police sprang energetically following her down and saved her from the place she worked. A great job done by Riyadh Police. 

As per the sources, it was said that the Saudi specialists were at last ready to capture the man who explicitly mishandled his residential laborer. The Filipino house keeper is currently back to her nation. 

He is an Egyptian in his 30s: It was accounted for that the man was captured from Riyadh, is an Egyptian in his thirties. Amid the examination, he admitted his wrongdoing and now he is exchanged to the arraignment. 

Additionally, the uplifting news for everybody is that local specialist was saved and exchanged to the organization through which she discovered her work in the Kingdom yet this is hazy whether she is exchanged to her local land or she is still in Saudi Arabia. 

When this news approached individuals felt loose and valued the Riyadh police for making quick move to capture the man and save the specialist. Individuals simply have one sentence for this person that, he ought to be rebuffed entirely.

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