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Police solve 20 day Mystery Of Missing Four Solved : Saudi Arabia

A driver with histwo children and his brother in their car vanished without a trace for over 20 days ago after they went to the nearby supermarket in the northeastern city of Hafr Al-Baten and the Police fially solved the mystery behind the disappearance.

It was only chance that led the authorities to the area of their bodies. 


A 11-year-old young lady found the ID card of one of the victims floating coasting in a rainwater pool. She gave the card to her dad, a retired police officer, who then alerted the authorities of the missing ID.

Police and the Civil Defense raced to the area subsequent to confirming the card belonged to a missing person.

A special diving team arrived at the area and dived into the water. They associated something at the bottom of the swamp. 

They at that point siphoned out the water from the region,revealing a car with four bodies inside.

As per sources, the area had a place with an company that dug a big hole there. At the point when the activity was done, the organization did not cover the hole, which was loaded up with water following heavy rain in the area recently.

Police said the unfortunate casualty was driving on an earth street when he endeavored to take an alternate route.

He went to the marsh that looked quiet and figured he could cross it, not realizing that it was a profound opening. His vehicle fell inside and he got caught and couldn't get away. 

Police found the body of the dad holding his son in his arms. Driver, 2 sons, sibling drown in lake formed by rainwater in Hafr Al-Baten.

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