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Saudi Groom stabbed during the wedding ceremony

Wedding is the most  favorite occasion for every one. Every people celebrate this event according to their traditions. Weddings are a highly celebrated event in many traditions.


Sometimes the most joyful minutes are transformed into the most tragic ones, Similar happened at an ongoing Saudi wedding when the groom was stabbed by an unknown person.

Saudi groom Walid Bin Awad held a joint wedding party last Thursday. He and his sibling had gotten married around on the same day were celebrating their wedding by throwing a party. Also, the family was celebrating the groom’s brother reunion with the family, reported LifeissaudiArabia.

Yet, this unknown man could not see the happiness of the family and ruined their greatest happiness of all time. The celebrations were taking place at Khamis Mushait’s ballroom. The family had gathered hundreds of relatives to rejoice their celebrations.

The family had served the supper and was grateful to every one of their visitors for participating in when an unusual man entered the ballroom. The family couldn't recognize the man but guessed that he must be one of the friends invited. He came in and immediately asked for the groom by taking his name.

At the point when told about the prepare, he hurried towards him. The groom ventured ahead to welcome him suspecting that he was a well-wisher. Be that as it may, before the prepare could welcome him, the man stabbed him!

As indicated by dad of the groom, the general ballroom immediately got hold of the stabber and bolted him up until the point that the specialists came to and captured him.

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