Saudi man run over while trying to save son from speeding car

Saudi man and his child were kept running over in a horrific accident in Saudi Arabia on Saturday. In a heartwrenching video footage that caught the kid can be seen accompanied by his dad as they crossed a road in Asir, according to Okaz report. 

All of a sudden, the man loses his grip on the kid's hand as his child keeps running over the road. 


As his son crosses the second street, his dad sees an oncoming vehicle and jumps to save his child.

Seconds later, the vehicle crushes into them both, dragging the dad a few meters previously he comes to a stop.


They were taken to Abha hospital to get treatment for their wounds. His son stays in the hospital in stable condition, though the dad is battling for his life in Asir hospital.

Social media has given the name "Father, model of sacrifice and love" to the selfless man.

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