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Saudi woman gives birth, loses husband at the 'same time'

Saudi woman got the birth certificate of her new baby girl alongside her husband's death certificate on the same day - November 4, 2018 (Safar 26, Hijri), reported Khaleej times.

As per media reports, the Saudi woman named Umm Lutein, was in a fix whether to celebrate the her new baby girl or mourn the death of her husband. Social media users have been moved by her story. 


Saudi woman's husband was seriously harmed in an traffic accident.

The mind dead spouse remained in Intensive Care Unit for a couple of days until the point that he  succumbed to his injuries. In the meantime, the new child's uncle was getting her birth certificate.

Ironically, woman's got the both certificates the same day.

Saudi woman holds a Master's qualification, said that her husband was removed from military administration, which implies she won't get Social Insurance Pension.

Her dream is to gets a PhD.

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