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A bright green meteor streaked over Wisconsin - and the video is jaw-dropping

It took just seconds for a bright green fireball - and apparent meteor - to streak across the dark sky over Wisconsin at about 1:31 am Monday morning. But thanks to the magic (and paranoia) of our digital age, there's tons of security and dash-cam video of the event, and it's already all over the internet.

Here's a shot from Plover, Wisconsin, shared by the local National Weather Service (NWS) station on Twitter:

Here's the view from the University of Wisconsin campus:


Here's another dash-cam shot:

Here's the view from a police car:

NWS Milwaukee staff also shared a radar image showing what they believe is the meteor over Lake Michigan:

If any of the space-rock reached the surface, the lake is likely where it ended up. Though the flash looks low to the ground in some of those clips, that's a bit misleading; it was high enough to see from all the way in Illinois:

This video from the American Meteor Society shows its estimated path, and suggests it was visible from Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indian, Ohio, Indiana, New York, Ontario, Kentucky, Iowa and Minnesota:



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