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EGYPT, CROSS-BORDERDeena Mousa’s 'Hemostate V-Seal' Impacts the Medical World

Saving lives is one of the noblest goals out there to pursue. And while you don’t hear often about 17-year-olds preoccupied with such a goal, this became the ultimate goal for Egyptian Deena Mousa when she noticed that “excess bleeding is the second cause of death in hospitals”. BarakaBits meets with Deena to get the gist of her inspiring story. 

Deena grew up in a household that revolved around science. Her father is a professor and a researcher, and her older siblings were often involved in scientific projects. And so, she started her scientific journey as a child. At the age of five, she conducted her first science experiment on How Plants Grow, after her father gifted her with a plant seed and a pot of soil for her birthday. So it is no surprise that at the age of 17, she would cook up something that will soon revolutionize the medical world.

Working for 2 years in the Albany College of Pharmacy in New York, where her father is the chairman of the research institute, Deena ended up developing Hemostat V-Seal- liquid drops- which can stop the bleeding of any major wound within 10 seconds.  In simpler terms, her product can stop bleeding in a faster ratio than the products currently used in hospitals, which can take up to 12 seconds. Shortening the time needed for the wound to heal even by seconds means liters of blood will be preserved, saving the life of the wounded. Speaking about her product Deena tells BarakaBits


“Hemostat V-Seal can stop bleeding in any major wound within 10 seconds – as compared to the current standard of care, which takes 10-12 minutes. Practically, that’s the difference between losing milliliters and liters of blood – the difference between life and death. Hemostat is also anti microbial and has wound healing properties.”

This is definitely not Deena’s only project. She has worked on other projects with other institution including the Renselaer Polytechnic Institute where she was supported by other researchers.

“my high school [Emma Willard high school] helped me and others identify Labs that matched our interests. Luckily, I have only been met by enthusiasm, scientists who truly believe in the importance of their work and eager to teach others.”

Deena has already submitted the necessary patent applications. She’s now seeking the approval of the US Food and Drug Administration and is ready to introduce her product in the market.

Currently, Deena is a freshman at Yale University, planning to study Molecular, Cellular and developmental biology. She aspires to conduct more exciting research and to make her product available for all those in need for it.

Source: barakabits

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