Apple iPhone X review: The best Apple phone you can buy, but be careful

The Apple iPhone X has been a phone the world has been waiting for over a month to get their hands on. Apple seems to have played its cards well by unveiling what was clearly its most innovative phone in recent times and building up the crescendo to the actual launch of the phone. So it was not surprising that the phone ran out of stock across the world, thus helping create enough buzz to sustain high volume sales for a longer period of time. But is iPhone X the flagship that it is expected to be, coming exactly a decade after the first iPhone changed the way the world used phones? We have lived with the phone for over a week and here is our review:

Apple iPhone X price in India: Rs 89,000+

Apple iPhone X price specifications: 5.8-inch all-screen OLED 2436 x 1125-pixel resolution display (458 ppi) with 3D Touch | A11 Bionic chip | 3GB RAM + 64GB/256GB storage | 12MP +12MP camera with dual OIS + 7MP front camera | 2716mAh battery | iOS 11


Apple iPhone X: What is good?
This is the most unique looking Apple phone in recent times. In fact, there are many phones that have such a clean, unblemished look about them. That is because Apple has gotten rid of the iconic Home button and given the front solely for its bezel-less screen. By bezel-less Apple doesn’t mean a display that bends into the edges. In fact, it is the other way around with the edges bending into the screen.

So there is a thin frame around the display, but it does not take away the awesomeness of this OLED screen which is the most vibrant ever in an iPhone. Also, the lack of a bezel makes this large phone one that can be gripped even by the tiniest of hands. In fact, Apple might be able to woo a lot of iPhone 5 and iPhone users to move here.

AppleiPhone X review price in India specification

With the Home button gone, Apple has killed the fingerprint scanner and given life to FaceID, in my books the most natural and fastest way to unlock a phone. Thanks to the TrueDepth camera system up front, the phone can detect your face even when you are in the bed with the lights switched off. In the past week, I have hardly had to use the passcode to enter the phone. It also helps that the FaceID is used seamlessly to autofill passwords Apple already knows. I think this in itself is a feature that gives the iPhone X a significant edge over the competition.

AppleiPhone X review price in India specification

This is very powerful though I am not convinced it is more powerful than the iPhone 8. However, it does use the TrueDepth camera to plot your face and recreate your facial movements in an Animoji, certainly not the sort of high-end processing phones of the past would have volunteered for. Also, overall it has become much more faster to use the dual camera modes and that means this phone has more power under the hood. I liked the fact that this phone manages to stay very cool despite the high resolution screen and uses the battery better than the iPhone 8 Plus.

AppleiPhone X review price in India specification

AppleiPhone X review price in India specification

The iPhone X has a better camera than the iPhone 8 Plus because of the lower ‘f’ number of the lens. It also does a better job of image stabilisation and thus comes up with better videos and timelapses. However, where this phone stands out is with the front camera which uses the TrueDepth system of the FaceID to give more character to selfies. In fact, Apple has gone a step ahead and brought Portrait mode to its selfie camera with this phone. I think this camera has the potential to make face shots with contour lighting the norm instead of beautified selfies.

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