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Staying in Kuwait for a short stop over or few days of business or leisure? Well, there's plenty of stuff to keep you up on your toes during your stay in Kuwait. From its water sports to its enticing architecture, travelers from around the world are discovering the delights of Kuwait. Kuwait tourism incorporates a range of holidays, from cultural breaks to shopping trips.

Kuwait City, the country’s dynamic capital, is bustling with attractions and activities. Visit the city’s architectural highlights, including the impressive Kuwait Towers and Liberation Tower. The Grand Mosque, the biggest in Kuwait, offers guided tours for visitors, and the beautiful mosaics of nearby Seif Palace are a fascinating example of Islamic art.

The following are the top ten things to do in kuwait:

1. Grand Mosques:

The Grand mosque is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kuwait city. Officially, it is the biggest mosque in Kuwait. Its total area is more than 480,000 sq.ft (45,000 square meters), out of which the building itself is spread around 220,000 sq ft). The central prayer hall is 236ft (72 meters in width). You can find 21 teak doors on all its sides. The Mosque is amply bright with 144 windows. The mosque’s domes is 85 ft (26 meters in diameter) and 141ft ( 43 meters in height). You can find this primary dome adorned with the 99 names of God (Asma al-hosna). At a time 10,000 people can be accommodated inside the mosque. There is a separate hall for women where nearly 950 people can be accommodated. There is also a large library where you can find reference books and documents pertaining to Islam

Location: 25, Kuwait city, Kuwait.

2. The Red palace:

The Red palace of Red fort is one of the popular and much preferred tourist destinations by local as well as international tourist. This mud fort stands as a symbol of pride & patriotism of Kuwait. The natives called the Red fort as Qasr Al Ahmar. You will find the Red fort as a rectangular building with a tower at its 4 corners. You can come across 6 courtyards including the main courtyard with a water well and also a total number of 33 rooms. Mud mixed with desert shrubs were utilized in constructing the fort towers. You can find interesting art facts like cannons, and other artilleries used in the war. Some of the other impressive aspects you can find in this fort are the 3 huge gates found at the exterior corners.

Location: Arabian Gulf Avenue, Sharq, Kuwait.

3.House of mirrors:

Several individuals who live in Kuwait are not absolutely conscious of the hall of mirrors or house of mirrors. But this is actually an incredible affluence of art so available to the community at large and is worth visiting. The house of mirrors is owned by Lidia Al-Qattan & Khalifa and is now regarded as a museum of the well known Kuwaiti artist’s wife who has transformed this house into a piece of art making use of broken glass pieces to embellish the house’s exterior as well as interiors. For weekday visits prior appointments should be made.

It is amazing to know that nearly white cement of 100 tones and broken glass pieces of about 75 tons are utilized in creating this mirror mosaic which sparkle this residential house’ exterior as well as interiors.

This white brick structure welcomes you with an astonishing collection of mirrors, portraying butterflies, planets, stars, palms and also calligraphy. Inside the house, you will find the walls, floorboards, and also all the furniture adorned with mirrors in probable shapes and colours. You will find that each room is designed with a specific theme; the corridor comes with double themes – corridor of nations and shark hall. The passageway with shimmering light will entice you with shark and other global wonders. Your tour will conclude with the impressive designs found in the Sea World Hall, Knowledge Hall and the Universe Hall. Other notable features you can admire are paintings from Quran, nucleus of the galaxy with stars, planets and satellites created on the walls as well as on the ceilings.

Location: House 17, Street 94, Block 9, Qadisiya, Kuwait

4. Science and Natural History Museum:

Kuwait Science and Natural History Museum is a popular tourist destination in Kuwait. It is situated in Abdullah Al-Mobarak Street, Safat area of Kuwait city. The Kuwait Science and Natural History Museum is a constituent of the International Council of Museums. This renowned museum is managed in the subsequent departments - Natural history department, planetarium, science & space department, electronics department, zoology department, machinery department, aviation department & a health hall

Plants Hall, Birds Hall, Health Hall. Mammals Hall, Reptiles &Amphibians Hall, Skeleton Hall, Fish Hall, Termite Hall, Geological and Fossils Hall are the exhibit halls that comes under the department of natural history.

Likewise the department of science & space comprises of American Space Hall, Russian Space Hall, Remnants of War Hall, Remnants of War Hall, Computer Hall, Transportation Hall, Petroleum Hall, Meteorology and Astronomy Hall, Internal-Combustion Engines Hall, Electronics Hall and Scientific Instruments Hall

Location: Kuwait City, Kuwait.

5. Liberation Monuments:

Al-Qurain House, situated in the Qurain housing area, is a site of bloody battle between Iraq and Kuwait, just before liberation, now converted into a museum, dedicated to those who laid down their lives. Even the Iraqi tank, mounted on the Jahra Gate, around the end of Fahd Al-Salem Street is a reminder of the folly of the war.

Location: Abdulla Al Salem St, Kuwait City, Kuwait.

6. The Scientific Center:

It is a huge building established on the waterfront. The building is designed to reflect the Islamic arts and culture. The Scientific Center have three main fascinating attractions, which are: Aquarium, Discovery Place and IMAX Cinema.
The Aquarium presents an ecosystem of desert, sea, and coastal edge. Visitors of the Aquarium explore the lives of beings and animals in their environments. When entering the Discovery Place, visitors gain scientific experience through educational games.
Highly specialized trainers are assigned to guide visitors through hand-on playful training. On entering the IMAX Cinema, you can watch 3D movies played on the giant screen. Visitors can enjoy watching educational and documentary presentations and get engaged into a highly imaginative experience. Together, the three areas create a lifetime experience.

Location: Al Blajat St, 22036, Kuwait

7. Sadu House:

The roots of Kuwait are associated with both the desert and the sea. The Bedouins lived a life governed by the rhythm of seasons. Sadu weaving, characterized by geometric designs woven by hand with dyed, spun and coloured wool, is a traditional craft of major importance.

Location: Arabian Gulf St, Kuwait City, Kuwait.

8. The Tareq Rajab Museum:

The Tareq Rajab Museum is a renowned and another popular place of attraction in Kuwait This museum houses the Tareq Rajab family’s private collection. The collection commenced during the early part of the 1050s. The museum was inaugurated in 1980. The museum is segregated into two segments. You can find exhibits like jade carvings, pottery, calligraphy, wood, glass and ivory art facts. The second segments houses artefacts that were manufactured in the Islamic world such as textiles, costumes, musical instruments and jewellery.

Calligraphy is found in a tiny room exhibiting Holy Quran’s images. You can find rare books in the reference library that is related to the Arab & Islamic world. The metal work compilation comprises of more than 3000 displays that consists of several incense burners belonging to different eras and from different parts of the globe.

You can find the Dar El Cid Exhibition Halls close to the main building. The galleries exhibits some of the impressive collections such as Indian Miniatures, Nubia and the Holy Land David Roberts Lithographs of Egypt,, and also cultural Exhibitions like Gulf and Yemen, The Carved Wooden Doors of Kuwait, the and Glimpses of the Marsh Arabs

Location: Kuwait City, Kuwait.

9. Kuwaiti Maritime Museum:

The Kuwaiti Maritime Museum is another excellent place which you need to visit when you are in Kuwait. It provides an exceptional insight into Kuwait’s naval heritage. You will be welcomed at the entrance by 3 wonderful dhows. You can find a wide range of exhibits that ranges, from sailing, fishing and pearl diving. Kuwaiti Maritime Museum is an excellent place for your kids to spend quality time. It has informational exhibits that provide all the particulars regarding the sea creatures with the help of interactive LCDs that briefs through FAQs. You can finds loads of interesting ship models that is explained in English and Arabic languages.

Location: Arabian Gulf St, Qibla, Kuwait city.

10. The Dickson House Cultural Centre:

The Dickson House Cultural Centre is another exceptional place of attraction which evokes immense interest among tourist. It is situated in the opposite direction of dhow harbour in Sharq and is in the eastern direction of Seif Palace

You will find the basement floor fully dedicated to ancient photography and some artefacts that dates back to the early part of the 20th century such as currency notes and other important relics. You can come across some of the things used by Dickson and his wife like pen case, ink pot, hand mill, manual typewriter, etc. You can also admire the artistically designed wooden boxes made out of ebony and locally known as “Beshtakhth" to keep jewels and other valuables. You can also admire the old photographs of Dickson and his wife which they took with Amir and other members of the Kuwait royal family.

On the whole Dickson house still serves as a symbol of strong friendship between Kuwait and Britain.

Location: 7450 Arabian Gulf Street, Kuwait City, Kuwait.

Source: abroadindians

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