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Top 10 Most Beautiful Destination In Qatar

Qatar has a wealth of beauty and culture to offer people visiting from all over the world. You certainly won’t be bored in Qatar. But with so much beauty to offer and limited time, every traveler will be in need of this guide. So here is The Culture Trip’s list of the top ten most beautiful places in Qatar so that you can spend your time wisely.

Katara Mosque

The Katara Mosque is situated in the center of the Katara Cultural Village site, where some of the most beautiful architecture in the Middle East is just waiting to be seen. The design of the Katara Mosque is very much unlike typical mosques in Qatar. The building is a mosaic of predominantly blue tiles, with hints of red and yellow. You will be blown away by the intricate designs and the equally complex interior. Accompanying the mosque are three spiked pillars reaching for the sky. The contrast between these overwhelming structures and the beauty of the mosaic walls is truly striking.

Katara Mosque, Doha, Qatar, +974 4408 0000

State Grand Mosque

“Grand” is an apt description of this mosque. Though the exterior is pleasantly intimidating, with the appearance of an impenetrable fortress, the interior is awe-inspiring. The domed ceiling is high above your head, with stone white pillars throughout and simple chandeliers dangling above you. The space itself is impressively large, and you will be rendered speechless by the effect the architecture will have on you. At night, the mosque’s exterior is particularly beautiful, as it is lit up with purple lights.

Al Muhandiseen Street, Doha, Qatar, +974 4425 0250


The Doha Desert

The Doha desert lies mostly untouched, but should certainly be a part of your visit to Qatar. Very little is as stunning as miles and miles of untouched, smooth sand. The beauty of the desert views will leave you feeling small and in awe of the awesomeness of this unfamiliar landscape. The sand is flawless, the dunes are rolling, and this gorgeous desert landscape can be enjoyed on any desert safari day. Rev your engines and stir up the dust to experience the allure of the desert first hand.

Arabian Adventures Qatar, Al Wakrah, Qatar, +974 44361461

Al- Zubarah Fortress

Located precisely in the middle of nowhere, the sand stretches ahead of you for miles before this ferocious fortress comes into sight. Its beauty lies in its lonesomeness, and you can approach it on camel-back at a leisurely pace. As you stand beneath this fortress, you will feel a sense of being connected to an exciting and influential history. To help you understand the history of the fortress better, Al-Zubarah often holds exhibitions of the site. This fortress will have you feeling humbled; you will feel that there is something wonderful about realizing your own insignificance.


Madinat Ash Shamal, Qatar

Al Jassasiya Carvings

The mysterious Al Jassasiya is one of the most intriguing sites in Qatar. Its mystery lies in its petroglyphs – intricate and incomprehensible carvings in the stone that are incredibly rare. It is believed that these carvings are signs of some sort, and they feature shapes that represent animals, boats, and daisies. Many of the patterns and signs are not recognizable, and their meanings remain a mystery. It is believed that these markings are hundreds of years old, and their preservation is truly remarkable.

Al Jassasiya Rock Carvings, Ash Shamal, Qatar, +974 4467 6070


Al Wakra Museum

The Al Wakra museum is another site that boasts some of the best architecture in Qatar. The exhibits in the Qatar museum are quite fascinating and feature ancient artifacts and the details of the history of Qatar. But in terms of the museum’s beauty, you will not even feel the need to step inside – just bask in the beauty of this unique building. This old fortress has an eerie quality to it which is strangely enticing, and this mysterious allure will leave you feeling fascinated and in full admiration.


The National Museum of Qatar

The National Museum of Qatar is so complicated in its design that it could almost be mistaken for some origami masterpiece. The white building has sharp and curving edges and, on an architectural level, seems entirely impossible. The building is currently under construction and is gradually making the architect’s jaw-dropping design a reality. The museum’s design is inspired by the desert rose, a natural phenomenon formed by crystals in certain climates. The architect believed that the desert rose represented the passage of time, and wanted to embody this idea in the design of the building.

National Museum, Al Salata, Doha, Qatar, +974 4452 5555


Barzan Towers

The Barzan Towers also feature some brilliant architecture, but to fully experience their beauty, you will have to make your way to the top. Once there, feast your eyes on the views. The building itself is quite formidable and beautiful in its own way. Be sure to take a camera; the spot is renowned for being a good place for photography.

Umm Salal Mohammed, Near Doha, Doha, Qatar


Doha Fort

This military fortress is located in the heart of Doha and was built in 1927. This fortress was eventually converted into a museum, and now has exhibitions that feature wooden ornaments, old fishing equipment, oil paintings, and old photographs. The fort will make for a pleasant day out if you are looking to understand Qatar’s history and the lifestyles of its occupants a little better. But the most striking element of this fort is its exterior, which is grand and formidable and creates a sense of being surrounded by something eerily powerful. This makes for quite the experience. You will love the sight of this beautifully intimidating building.

Jassim Bin Mohammed St, Doha, Qatar


The Museum of Islamic Art

The Museum of Islamic Art is located in the heart of a body of still, clear water. As you approach you will cross a bridge across the water and feel yourself being drawn in by the striking appearance of the museum. The white building has sharp, boxed edges, and stands alone on the water. In the sunlight, the museum seems to glow with brightness, and its compelling ambiance is enhanced. When you step inside, you will be struck by the intricacies of its interior, which sharply contrasts with the simplicity of its exterior.

Museum of Islamic Art, Doha, Qatar, +974 4422 4444

Author: Mary-Anne Farah    Source: theculturetrip

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