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Dhal Al Misfir – the cave with a mysterious phosphorescence glow

The Dhal Al Misfir is a cavern that is a natural landmark formation located north of the Salwa Road on the outskirts of Doha city in Qatar.

The 40m deep cave gives off a phosphorescent glow which has an otherworldly look. The glow is the result of Gypsum deposits which are found in the centre of the peninsula and have given rise to the geological phenomena known as ‘desert roses’ (clusters of roughly rose-shaped gypsum crystals).

The Dhal Al Misfir cave with fibrous gypsum crystals has a depth is anywhere from 40 to at least 100 meters. The entrance of the deep cave is approximately 12 x 4.5 meters and is widely regarded by visitors as one of

Qatar’s most vividly exciting destinations

The cave with fibrous gypsum crystal has led to some interesting geological phenomena such as so-called the “Desert Rose” crystals and perhaps the most important is the formation of a deep cave that is depth reaches 40 meters in the area of the cave, and gypsum formations which sometimes gives a light glow similar to the moon’s glow.

The Sinkhole is one of the largest sinkhole caves in Qatar and believed to have been formed 325,000 to 500,000 years ago during the mid-Pleistocene Era. It is also believed to be a part of a large system of inter-connecting underground caverns - many of which have already collapsed.

The Dhal Al Misfir is a favourite spot for visitors exploring Qatar and is open to the public.

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