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Top Parks in Saudi Arabia

6.Olaya Park:

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Olaya Park is the second name of entertainment zone where cool breeze freshen up your mind and flowery lines make your heart fill with bliss and joy. It requires entrance fee. The center piece of park is a covered fountain located a bit away from King Fahad Highway and on the back side of the Takasussi Specialist Medical Center. Normally kids use this area for cycling and for roller blade. It is a best place for football game as well.  One side of park area is reserved for slides and swing of young kids and other for basketball players. Again these all activities are for boys and girls can only pass their time by walking and inhaling cool breeze. There were long date palms with surrounding long grass which required maintenance and trimming. The management of park seemed not very active as it may require huge cost to incur due to huge area of park. The majority numbers of visitor were seemed expats as women were not fully covered like native Saudi women.


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