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Places to visit and things to do in Jazan, Saudi Arabia

Jazan is a very attractive city in Saudi Arabia. Here we will be providing you with those places that you shall visit and those activities that you shall undertake while you visit the city.


Archeological sites in Jazan: Jazan is a city rich in history. It encompasses various cultures. These cultures belong to the different time period in the history. For instance, the archeological sites in Jazan have traces of cultures of Paleolithic, Neolithic.

Also, it depicts the traditions of the pre-Islamic era to the present. Going through the archeological sites of Jazan, one feels as though one is going through a cultural timeline.

There are mining sites, mosques, castles, watchtowers and many more sites that possess great historical evidence. These archeological sites can be found in different areas of Jazan, to mention a few:

1-Qalaat Abi Arish

2-Qalaat Alasilki

3-Asir city

4-Jabal Jahfan

5-Upper Jazan

Farasan Islands: Visiting Jazan and not visiting the Farasan Islands would not be fair. The Farasan Islands are a composition of 84 islands. The Islands lie in the famous red sea. One can reach the group of islands by covering a distance of only 40 km towards the south coast.

The Farasan Island forms a group of islands which possess pearls! To reach the Farasan Archipelago one can make use of Gizan Harbor, which is equipped with ferryboats. The island is not inhabited by the human population, yet it is a house of numerous bird species.

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