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Exploring The Secrets of Louvre Museum Dubai Why People Love To Visit It

The Louvre Museum in Dubai is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. Located in the heart of Downtown Dubai, the museum is home to some of the world's most famous works of art. Visitors to the museum can explore the different galleries and exhibits, which showcase a wide range of art from different periods and cultures. The museum also has several interactive displays and events, making it an excellent place for adults and children to learn about art and history. The Louvre Museum is a must-visit for anyone interested in art or culture and is one of the best ways to experience Dubai's rich history and diversity.


History of the Museum


The Louvre Museum in Dubai was opened to the public on 18 November 2017. The museum is located in the UAE and is a part of the larger Jean Nouvel-designed complex, which includes the Abu Dhabi Arts Centre and a performing arts center. It is situated on Saadiyat Island and covers 24,000 square meters. It has over 600 artworks from the Louvre’s collection, spanning different civilizations and cultures, making it one of the most diverse museums in the world.


The museum’s permanent collection will be rotated annually, showcasing different exhibitions. In its first year, the museum featured presentations on Islamic Art, French masters such as da Vinci and Raphael, and modern art from Picasso to Matisse. The museum also has a children’s gallery, a cafe, a gift shop, and an auditorium.

Unique Features of Louvre Museum Dubai


French architect Jean Nouvel combined modern design and oriental traditions in this project. The museum complex consists of 55 white pavilions, which are connected by covered walkways. Between them are paths and water. The building area is more than 24,000 sq. m. This space includes 23 permanent exhibitions, rooms for temporary exhibitions, a museum for children, a lecture hall, a shop, restaurants, and a science center.


The original dome and the sea surrounding the building look like a flying saucer hovering over the water. J. Nouvel called Arab medinas, and the play of sunlight penetrating through the leaves of palm trees oases the source of inspiration for the creation of this incredible structure.


If you are a beauty connoisseur and want to brighten up your leisure time by visiting new tourist attractions, then you need to see this wonderful place.


Book Your Tickets Now!


Visit our website now and book your tickets in a few clicks. The ticket price for adults is 60 AED. Children below 13 years can get free entry at the museum. Moreover, kids between 13 and 22 can get tickets at child rates.

Author: Prafulla   

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