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FERRARI WORLD THEME PARK Absolute Fun For Lovers of Adventurous Games & Sports

●    Location: Yas Island - Yas Leisure Drive-Abu Dhabi
●    Entry Permission: Individuals of all age groups
●    Time: 12 PM Onwards. 

When visiting UAE, never forget to visit "Ferrari Park" in Abu Dhabi, on the artificial island of Yas. It has been welcoming visitors since the fall of 2010 and is the largest indoor theme park in the world. It occupies 200,000 m², and the dome of the building rises to a height of 45m. FERRARI WORLD THEME PARK is suitable for everyone chasing adrenaline and adventure. It has everything literally- from extreme rides for adults to cars for kids. 

Under the great roof of the vast pavilion, you can ride extreme speed slides at a speed of 240 km / h, watch films about the creation of the famous car, as well as even try yourself as a Formula 1 race pilot. So, visit this link and book as many tickets as you want. 

The ticket buying and checkout process are pretty simple on our website. You can register on the site simply by sharing your name, Email address, and phone number and booking tickets comfortably. Customers can also purchase the available tickets in guest mode. Call 
+974 4466 1996 for more information about the FERRARI WORLD THEME PARK and leading activities, and book your tickets. 

Activities at Ferrari World Theme Park

Guests of the Ferrari World complex can experience vivid emotions by riding a rollercoaster at high speed, flying up in a unique capsule, or flying in the cockpit. Also, they can safely ride a small car in a separate area dedicated to Italy and enjoy the surrounding views. Many tourists try to take a photo as a souvenir of their vacation in Ferrari park in the United Arab Emirates, especially near popular and extreme attractions.

Formula Rossa

Formula Rossa is a trendy, extreme, and scary attraction known as the fastest roller coaster on the planet. Visitors entering the wagons receive special goggles as riding is allowed only in them. The longest queue in the Ferrari World park usually gathers at Formula Ross; you can stand in it for 50 minutes to 3 hours. While waiting for so much time and watching how the "flight" goes, we can conclude whether you should ride these slides.

Fiorano GT Challenge

Visitors to the Ferrari Park who have not dared to ride on the Ross Formula will undoubtedly appreciate this rollercoaster. Although the Fiorano GT Challenge is far inferior in speed, they are exciting. There are two tracks, each traveling along the trailer at different speeds. A feature of this attraction in the Ferrari Park in Abu Dhabi is those parallel paths constantly intersect, and one trailer, then another, drives ahead.

Flying Aces

"Flying Aces" in the Ferrari World Park claims several records simultaneously. It is the first hill for the initial descent's steepness and the world's highest loop. The biplane of the end of the 20th century is taken as the basis here, which transmits the natural movements of the aircraft during the flight. For example, you can perform aerobatics that does not respond to gravity, including a 52-meter loop from a non-inverted position.
G Force

Without a doubt, the G-Force deserves the attention of the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi guests. This is a glass tower 60 m high, located on the roof of the building. Sitting down in their seats, visitors think that, as in similar attractions, they will slowly rise and then drop sharply. 
Scuderia Challenge

The racing simulator will make you feel like a Formula 1 racer. Those who decide to test it in action have the feeling that the car is racing at a crazy speed while the shaking is such that many people start to hurt the press.
Restaurants in the Ferrari Park: Eat Your Favorite Food!

The Ferrari entertainment complex in Abu Dhabi has cafe-dining rooms, that offer delicious Arabic cuisine. It is necessary to specify how spicy food you want to consume. On average, you need to spend 120 dirhams for full-scale food.  

Important Information About Ferrari Park

Attendance at the park varies on different days of the week. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are the least busy days and are relatively calm. Most people usually visit the park from Thursday to Sunday.

Take Note of Height Restrictions

The park in Abu Dhabi offers many activities involving movement, and they are marked with a scale with a person's height. The most exciting attractions are designed for people taller than 140 cm; for children below 110 cm, there are much fewer options. If the child is below 100 cm, the choice is minimal - climbing frames and carousels. Some attractions do not allow people taller than 195 cm.

Book Your Ticket Now & Visit Ferrari World Theme Park!

Author: Prafulla   

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