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Miracle Garden Dubai A Place Full of Amazing Miracles

Miracle Garden Dubai- A Place Full of Amazing Miracles

When you think of Dubai, the bright lights of the city skyline, the luxurious shopping malls, resorts, or its famous Miracle Garden come into your mind. But, for those who haven’t heard of it before, Miracle Garden is one of the most spectacular attractions in all of Dubai.


It is included in the Guinness Book of Records and all tourist guides. This is one of the attractions recommended to visit. The park covers an area of ​​72,000 square meters with 45,000,000 flowers. Landscape designers from all over the world worked on the playground and created fantastic flower arrangements.


Miracle Garden Dubai - What To See Here?


The area of ​​the park is relatively small - only 7 hectares. Even though the primary type of presented flowers are rather unpretentious petunias, which manifest themselves in all their glory in dry and hot summers, 757,000 liters are needed daily for the irrigation of plants. Water. Roses, tulips, and calendula are also used in many flower arrangements. The garden area is divided into 7 locations, each with unique landscape figures. The total number of planted plants is approximately 100 million. The best landscape designers from Europe, America, and the United Arab Emirates worked on creating the park.


Emirates A380


In the center of this location is a real passenger aircraft Airbus A380, the fuselage and wings wholly covered with flowers. The monumentality of the figure is fantastic. The frozen giant causes a particular delight in children. They would undoubtedly stick around the plane themselves if it weren’t for the strict ban on leaving the track.


Mickey Mouse


It is a popular location that will delight the children. Under an agreement with Walt Disney for Dubai Miracle Garden, a project of the figure of the well-known and beloved Mickey Mouse was specially developed and implemented. The height of the flower cartoon character is 18 meters. The fruit of the work of landscape designers entered the Guinness Book of Records as the most prominent garden figure from living plants. It took 100 thousand flowers to create the image. The flower arrangement weighs 35 tons. It is based on a steel frame (7 tons) reinforced on a reinforced concrete base weighing 50 tons.


Big Teddy Bear


A giant teddy bear holding a heart in his hands is a tribute to lovers. The height of the figure is 12 meters. This is one of the new flower figures created in the garden by landscape designers.


Heart Passage

The passage of hearts is not a location in its purest form, but it is one of the most popular areas of Dubai Miracle Garden. This is because the creators of the park knowingly relied on it. After walking under the overhanging arches in the form of hearts, made of various flowers and fragrant with heavenly aromas, it will be impossible to forget about this place. So many lovers from all over the world come here to swear an oath of love and fidelity.




A large theater is equipped on the territory, where performances and theater festivals are regularly held. This is not just a stage, but one of the main venues for many creative and social events. In the garden, you will find a playground with trampolines, and they are designed not only for children but also for adults.


The whole family can become like a kangaroo and jump for fun. Leave the child here if he is tired from a long walk or you want to be alone with each other. Experienced staff will take care of and entertain the baby. Every week, the Garden of Miracles invites those who wish to perform concert performances, parades, and various musical shows.


The administration plans to arrange regular flower processions and organize Zumba classes for the whole family. Zumba is an exciting dance fitness program based on incendiary Latin American rhythms.


Ticket Price And Rules Of Conduct

A ticket is required to visit the Miracle Garden. The price is acceptable and comparable to the cost of entering most entertainment centers: children under two years old - free of charge for children under 12 - 40 dirhams ($ 11). Persons over 12 years old - 50 dirhams ($ 15).


Unfortunately, Dubai Miracle Garden is closed all year round. In the summer, it closes to protect the plants from the scorching sun. However, doors for visitors open in November, and until the end of May, the garden is open to the public.


The rules of behavior in the park are pretty strict. It is forbidden to.


  • Get off the paths and sit on the lawns.
  • Touch and pluck plants. For this, they will not only be asked to leave but will be fined a significant amount.
  • Move around the garden on bicycles, skateboards, roller skates, hoverboards, etc.
  • Take professional photos and videos.
  • Throw garbage.
  • Bring your food and drinks.
  • Ignore instructions, and
  • Argue with the garden staff.


Over 30 food vendors serve Dubai Miracle Garden. There is everything - coffee, freshly squeezed juices, meat dishes, and seafood. The local restaurant serves Arabic, Asian, Indian and European cuisines. In the cafeteria, you will find a wide selection of snacks, desserts, ice cream, and soft drinks. In addition, there are kiosks throughout the park to buy light snacks and beverages.


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Author: Prafulla   

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