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POLARIS 1000CC 1 SEATER- Enjoy Dubai Safari & Click Memorable Pics On The Go!

POLARIS 1000CC 1 SEATER- Enjoy Dubai Safari & Click Memorable Pics On The Go!

Driving through the Dubai desert in an off-road vehicle will give you an unforgettable experience. You will meet dunes, picturesque wadis, and harsh mountain passes. Jumps on steep sand dunes, sudden turns, the squealing of participants to the wild roar of SUVs, and wild adrenaline rushes. Whatever amuses the souls of vacationers, if only they do not regret the dirhams spent. Safari in Dubai is famous for several reasons. So, it’s a sin to miss the opportunity to get a new experience on vacation, especially if you have never participated in anything like this.

Visit our website today and book your tickets for the Dubai desert safari. We have two tickets- 
● 60 Minutes- 1000 AED
● 120 Minutes- 1800 AED. 

You can buy tickets in a few minutes after registration. Tickets can also be booked in guest mode. Visitors must listen to instructions given by our instructors and abide by their safety guidelines. They will give you recommendations on having a safe and successful Safari ride. Pregnant women are not allowed to participate in this game. 

Buggy Safari in The Dubai Desert

Always remember that a buggy is a small vehicle designed for off-road driving. Often they are made with an open top, without doors or glasses. They typically have a strong frame that protects the driver in the event of an off-road rollover. We invite you to "rush away from the bustle of the city" to the mysterious Arabian desert. Before the trip, a mandatory briefing and the issuance of equipment take place.

The ride will take an hour or two-depending on the purchased tickets. To avoid getting lost in the sand, you will follow the instructor in a straight line. The programme does not include a visit to a Bedouin village with all the ensuing consequences, such as dinner and belly dancing. But more time is given for a photo session among the sands in the setting sun.

How To Dress For A Safari In Dubai: Our Recommendations

You must drive at great speed on the sand under the scorching sun. Use long sleeves and legs to protect yourself from the sun. Also, wear light shoes that sit securely on your feet so the whole group does not have to look for your shoes sunk in the sand. Always keep a scarf made of natural fabric on hand to protect your face from sand and sun. 

A headdress, glasses, or a visor should also be on your list. If you plan to spend the night at the campsite, bring warm clothes because at night the desert becomes cooler. Be sure to bring sun protection, UV cream, water, a smartphone, and loose change. If you want to get high-quality safari photos from Dubai, grab a good camera or camcorder. Such a tour will give you ultimate pleasure and fun.

Browse our website now and book your tickets for Dubai Safari rides. For more information on the safari excursion and to book tickets, please call +971-557219699

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