Asian Maid threatens to kill family, stab herself with knife in UAE

Asian maid is  blamed for threatening to kill her sponsor, his wife, mother-in-law, their child and also threatened to kill herself if they didn't give her passport back to her in Dubai, reported Khaleej Times

Her support, a businessma of Asian descent, had been sitting with his family one night when he was surprised by their maid's turbulent passage.


In a highly aggressive manner,  the servant requested her passport to leave the nation.

When he endeavored to quiet her down, she started to holler much more intense. She fled to the kitchen and carried back a knife with her.

Waving the cutting edge, she threatened to slaughter herself or one of the relatives except if they gave her the passport.

Then she ran at the youngest member,  her support's 5-year-old kid, however the mother captured her way to ensure her kid.

She wrestled blade from her grip however supported wounds to her right hand.

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