Man falls in love with prostitute, booked after trying to save her in Dubai

A man who fell in love with a child prostitute and tried to save her has been arrested in Dubai, reported Khaleej Times.

13-year-old victim casualty was carried into the nation by a 49-year-old Asian man who put on a show to be her dad, according to Emarat Al Youm report. 


He then forced her to work as a prostitute for a year and raped her multiple times. When she would decline to follow his desires, he would beat her with a wooden club. 

Meanwhile, a 29-year-old jobless Asian man  fell in love for the girl and continued to see her throughout the year. When he  tried to report her rapist and abuser to the police, he was arrested himself as well.

As per declaration given by a Dubai cop, the primary blamed admitted confessed and prostituting the girl, however denied that he raped her.

Two different prostitutes were captured and admitted that they would engage in sexual relations in return for cash.

They additionally affirmed that the primary accused would rape the child several times.

The public prosecutor charged the main blamed for human trafficking, rape, managing a prostitution den, and abusing women two others named in the court case.

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