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Man jailed for raping relative's wife during Ramadan in UAE

The 37-year-old Afghan businessman has been sentenced to jail for a year for raping his relative's wife when the couple visited his residence to end their fast during Ramadan, reported Khaleej Times.

Businessman ended his fast with the couple on the day, after which his relative left for work around 8pm. It was then that he raped the Pakistani woman.


The couple had on different events visited the representative's home for Iftar. Amid one such visit in May, the convict endeavored to persuade the unfortunate casualty to engage in sexual relations with him. When she won't, he raped her.

He warned her that if she told her husband about the incident, he would claim she seduced him. The woman first told her husband's relative, who informed him, after which a police complaint was filed.

The businessman pleaded not guilty when he stood trial before the Dubai Court of First Instance in October.  He will be deported after serving his sentence. The decision stays subject to bid inside 15 days.

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