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Underwater rail travel between UAE and Mumbai?

The UAE is a land of innovations and setting benchmark in the world. After Hyperloop and driverless flying cars, now there is another futuristic but fanciful mode of transport for residents to look forward to - an underwater rail network.


In not so distant future, occupants may have the capacity to head out from Fujairah to Indian city of Mumbai by undersea rail organize. Aside from travel of travelers, there will be trade of products as freshwater spilling out of India to the UAE and oil being sent out back through pipeline, National Advisor Bureau Limited overseeing executive and boss expert Abdulla Alshehhi said amid the UAE-India Conclave in Abu Dhabi. 

Alshehhi is the originator of National Advisor Bureau Limited - a consultancy firm situated in Masdar, the rearing ground for new companies. 

Alshehhi noticed the coasting submerged system will profit the UAE, India and others in the locale. 

"This is an idea. We intend to interface Indian city of Mumbai with Fujairah through ultra-speed drifting trains. The task means to help respective exchange. There will be fare of oil to India from Fujairah port and import of abundance water from Narmada River, north of Mumbai. Furthermore, other GCC accomplices can likewise enhance fare and import," he told a social occasion of agents and industry specialists. 

Alshehhi said the idea will come to fruition as there are numerous angles that should have been thought about. 

"We will do achievability investigation of the task. This is idea yet a cool venture to take a gander at," the writer of 'Filling the Empty Quarter Book' said. The aggregate rail system will be under 2,000km. 

All inclusive, there are numerous comparative undertakings in the pipeline. China has plans to associate Russia, Canada and the US. Indian urban communities of Mumbai and Ahmedabad will be associated by rapid rail passageway including undersea angle by 2022.

UAE Iceberg project's pilot phase by 2019 

Alshehhi, be that as it may, is occupied with the goal-oriented UAE Iceberg Project. It is gone for unraveling issues of water emergency in the UAE. The task plans to tow ice sheets from Antarctica to the UAE coasts to be utilized as freshwater. The pilot stage will be to Australia or South Africa by third period of one year from now. 

"We are finishing specialized viewpoints. We will look for shared collaboration with MIT in the US. There are numerous specialized perspectives and measurements to this undertaking. We will have the capacity to do the pilot stage to Australia by second from last quarter of one year from now. At present because of an unnatural weather change numerous chunks of ice break down from Antarctica. They skim northwards close to the ensured Australian island of Heard Island. It will be on a littler scale and once we succeed we will do it on a greater stage," he said and noted South Africa as another alternative.

"We will focus on water harvesting from the iceberg. Up to 30 per cent of ice mass will be lost during the transit," he acknowledged.

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