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What to do if you lose your passport in the UAE

Losing one’s passport in the UAE, especially as an expatriate, can be a hassle.

To make the process as straightforward as possible, here are the steps to follow if you are stuck in such a situation.

Report the lost passport to the police

In order to avoid any misuse of the passport, the very first step to take is to report the loss or theft to the police station closest to where the incident took place.

The Dubai Police’s procedure for lost passports is linked with the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs and Dubai Courts.

At the police station there is a form to be filled and documents to be submitted. After one working day, the police will issue a lost-passport report.

However the documents to be submitted differ, depending on the status of your residence visa, whether it is sponsored by a company or by an individual.

If you are on company sponsorship, you should submit a letter in Arabic on the loss of the passport to the police and appropriate government offices. The letter should be typed on the sponsoring company’s letterhead and should be submitted to the police departments of the emirate where the residence visa was issued.

The sponsor will also need to provide a photocopy of the company’s trade license and establishment card. Furthermore, a copy of the lost passport, if available, should be submitted along with two recent pictures of the passport holder.

If the person who has lost the passport is on an individual’s sponsorship, as a parent, husband, son or daughter, they will need to submit a signed letter from the sponsor and a photocopy of the sponsor’s passport.

In the case of minors, the sponsor (father or mother) should be present to report the loss at a police station.

Get clearance from government departments

Upon receiving the police report, you will need to get the report stamped by the Dubai Courts, the Public Prosecution Department and the General Directorate of Residency & Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA).

After the three stamps are given, you can return the police report back to the station (from where you received it) and you will be issued a lost passport certificate in Arabic.

A final police report and lost passport certificate can only be issued after obtaining stamps from the Dubai Courts, Dubai Prosecution, and GDRFA.

Apply for a new passport

Once the lost passport certificate has been issued you can apply for a new passport at your embassy. Each embassy has its own requirements and processing time.

Indian passport

Indian passport holders will have to head to the Indian Consulate Attestation Centre (IVS International) to receive a sworn affidavit.

For that you will need an English translation of the police certificate as well a letter typed on the sponsoring company’s letterhead explaining the circumstance leading to the loss of passport and a copy of the lost passport, if available.

You will then have to take your affidavit to the BLS Centre, where you will be asked to fill out a number of forms. You will also need to bring personal documents, including six recent pictures of yourself and a photocopy of your Emirates ID or driving license.

Replacement fee (within 7 working days): Dhs570

Pakistani Passport

Those holding Pakistani passports will need to visit the Consulate General of Pakistan, located in Bur Dubai.

There you will need to submit the original police report and lost certificate, a passport copy, if available, the NICOP (National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis) and copies of all these documents.

Normal Replacement fee (within 30 days): Dhs151
Urgent Replacement fee (within 10 days): Dhs251

British Passport

UK citizens are advised to call the British Embassy in Dubai or Abu Dhabi immediately if they have lost their passport.

Cancelling your old passport and replacing it with a new one can be done online via the Identity and Passport Service in the UK.

If you urgently need a passport replacement for travel reasons, the embassy can issue an emergency travel document while the new passport is processing.

Replacement fee (within 21 days): Dhs500

Philippine Passport

Philippine passport holders will need to visit the Philippine Consulate General embassy in Dubai to replace their passport.

Before doing so, you will need to fill out an ‘affidavit of loss’ form, which is available online.

Once that is done, you must take the affidavit, the police report and lost passport certificate (with English translation) with two copies of each to the embassy.

The embassy also requires you to bring three copies of the NSO (National Statistics Office) birth certificate authenticated by Philippine’s Department of Foreign Affairs and copies of the lost passport, if available.

Replacement fee (within 6-8 weeks): Dhs340

Lebanese Passport

To replace a lost Lebanese passport, you will first have to fill out an application form available online.

You can then visit the Lebanese Embassy in Dubai or Abu Dhabi with the application form, the police report and certificate, four passport size photos and a photocopy of the lost passport, if available.

You are also required to bring a letter describing how you lost your passport. Personal identity papers such as your personal civil registration (Ikhraj Kayd Fardy) or Lebanese ID (Hawiya) will also be needed, along with two copies.

Replacement fee (within 6-8 weeks): Dhs150

Restamp UAE residence visa

In order to restamp the residence visa onto a new passport, you will need to fill out an application for replacement of lost items, available at any residence visa centres.

You will also need to bring your original new passport, the lost passport certificate issued by the police department, a company declaration letter on the lost passport, an original ID card, three passport sized photos and a photocopy of the old passport, if available.

The UAE residency department will stamp the new residence visa with the same validity period as the one issued in the lost passport, or will issue a new UAE residence visa, subject to its expiration date.

Author: Natasha Malik    Source: gulfbusiness

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