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Vintage tractor trekking, very slowly, in Tasmania

Chugging along at 20km/hr on country roads without suspension or power steering might not seem like an appealing hobby, but for tractor trekkers it is the ideal way to spend a weekend.

In a variation on the theme of the grey nomad, tractor devotees lovingly restore vintage tractors and travel in a slow convoy across Tasmania.

Ron Barker from north-west Tasmania is part of a local crew who often set off for multi-day treks, camping overnight in a swag or camping trailer towed by the tractor.

Mr Barker drives a Massey Ferguson FE35 Golden Grey, which he painted the more conventional red, and recently fitted a cab on, to keep the Tasmanian wind and rain away during long drives.

"You stop people in their tracks," Mr Barker said.


"You drive round, kids come to the fence, they all wave, older generations they sit back and reminisce and think 'I used to have one of those'."

But he said it was not always about the driving.

"If I wasn't doing this I probably would be doing nothing. Well not nothing, but you know… it's a reason not to be home.

"It's a reason to get out and talk to these fellas and introduce yourself and put yourself out there. And we swap ideas, we share ideas, we hang a certain bit of you know what on each other, but yeah it's all about mateship and having fun."

Author: Margot Kelly    Source: abc

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