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List Of Private And Public Hospitals In oman

There are 59 hospitals in Oman and 897 medical centres, dispensaries and clinics. Only 10 hospitals are private and the rest are Government hospitals.

Medical Facilities

Oman has an extensive public health service (free to Omani nationals), with approximately 49 Ministry of Health hospitals and many health centres and preventative health centres. See the Ministry of Health website for full statistics: However, costs are high for foreigners and health insurance is essential.

Medical Emergency numbers are as follows:

PDO Ambulance number :  (246)77444.

PDO General emergency number :  (246)75555

Emergency number in Oman: 9999 or General number for Royal Oman Police (ROP) 24560099

PDO Medical staff will respond to any medical emergency arising within the PDO residential and industrial areas.  Please Call Outpatient Services on Tel: 77349 or for an emergency call 77444.  Nurses on call will respond to your emergency.

Health care services in PDO are provided by the Medical Department. The Medical Department is a service organization responsible for seven clinics in the interior and one clinic at Mina Al Fahal on the Coast. The services include outpatient consultation, general practitioners, antenatal clinics, vaccination, diabetes, mother baby and child health clinics, and (basic) physiotherapy services. Supporting services include laboratory facilities, a pharmacy, an X-ray unit and a medical administration section. Emergency assistance is available 24 hours per day.

BUPA medical cover for Shell Employees

Shell employees are covered by BUPA International health insurance. Some hospitals will charge BUPA directly the insurance but for some you will need to pay the bills directly at the hospitals and use the BUPA claim forms to apply for reimbursement.  Refer to the Shell International Mobility website for full details of your cover:

You can usually attend any recognised medical establishment and organise and pay for your treatment and apply for reimbursement from BUPA against receipts and using the Shell BUPA form.  However, in all cases it is best to check with BUPA that your treatment will be covered prior to any treatment.  Please refer to the BUPA website ( for further details.  Please refer to your membership card for telephone numbers.  Some clinics and hospitals in Oman are able to directly invoice BUPA for your treatment so you will not have to pay first and claim back.

For Shell employees using the PDO clinic, you will need to pay for your treatment at the clinic by salary deduction and then complete a BUPA claim form to reclaim your expenses in the normal way. 

In addition, some employees like to extend their BUPA medical insurance to include Travel Cover with the additional payments for their own account.  Please contact BUPA directly for further information.

PDO Clinic

The Interior clinics operate on a 24 hour basis.  The clinic at Mina Al Fahal is manned between 7am-6pm during Saturday to Wednesday inclusive, and emergency cover is provided outside these times or during public holidays. 
If you need immediate assistance without an appointment, then you can go to the Mina Al Fahal clinic at any time between 7am - 10am, Saturday to Wednesday and you will be seen on a first come, first served basis.

You must make an appointment if you wish to see a General Practitioner or attend specific clinic as detailed in the table below. 

Without Appointment

Sat to Wed

7:00 – 08:15

Without Appointment

Sat to Wed

09:15 – 10:00

General Practitioner – Appointments only

Sat to Wed

10:50 – 11:30


Medical Check-up


13:00 – 14:00 by Appt

Ante-natal Clinic 



Medical Check-up


13:00 –  14:00 by Appt

Diabetic Clinic      


13:00 – 14:00 by Appt

Ante-natal Clinic  





13:00 –  14:00 by Appt

 Urgent Cases Only

Thursday, Friday & Public Holidays

10:00 - 11:00

How to make an appointment at a PDO clinic

To make an appointment at Mina Al Fahal clinic please call:

Type of Appointment

Tel Number

General appointments

 246 77430

Medical Examination

 246 77055

Diabetic clinic

 246 77439

Ante-natal clinic

 246 78571

Baby clinic

 246 78571


 246 78571

Urgent Medical Consultations

246 77439


246 77444

Opening times are also on the PDO website:

To make an appointment at an Interior worksite clinics please call:





Bahja Clinic

24 38 8712


Fahud Clinic

24 38 4439 / 
24 38 4245


Lekhwair Clinic

24 38 1944


Marmul Clinic

24 38 6439 / 
24 38 6323



24 38 6444



24 38 6444



24 38 6240


Nimr Clinic

24 38 2439

Qarn Alam

Qarn Alam Clinic

24 38 5544


Emergency Clinic

24 38 5464


Yibal Clinic

24 38 1145


Emergency Clinic

24 38 1139

  • MCC Medical Helpline call (246) 77433
  • For Administration call (246) 77055
  • For the pharmacy: (247)77435
  • After hours: (246)77439

Please note:

  • PDO run a clinic and not a hospital.
  • After 6pm access to the PDO clinic is only via gate No. 1 & 2
  • Nurses run the PDO Outpatients Department 24 hours a day. After hours they are the first line of contact.  All nurses are highly trained and most of them have done Rig Medics course
  • You should familiarize yourself with the route to Khoula Hospital and Royal Hospital in case of an emergency.

Patients attending the PDO clinic who then need specialist medical care or hospital admission (e.g. for childbirth) are referred by a PDO doctor to one of the nearby Government or private hospitals.

Hospitals and Specialist Clinics

For emergencies Khoula hospital is the closest to the PDO camp. Please check that you know the quickest route to this hospital in case of emergency.

Please refer to the table below for a contact list of the main hospitals that offer good maternity packages and antenatal clinics, as well as cardiology, paediatrics, dermatology and internal medicine clinics and other services.

Many women who have given birth in Oman are very positive about the care given by the Muscat Private Hospital. At Outpost Muscat, we produce a key document, including maps, on ‘Birth Registration’.  It explains in detail the steps to take when you need to register your child born in a private hospital in Muscat.  Please contact Outpost to receive a copy.

Main Hospitals in Muscat

Name/ Outpatient clinic timings





Al Nahda Hospital / 7:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.




Al Raffah Hospital 




Khoula Hospital / 8:00 – 1:30 hrs



Mina Al Fahal

Muscat Private Hospital / 7:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m. hrs




(N. Ghubra)

Royal Hospital / 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.




Al Ghubra

KIMS Oman Hospital 9:00a.m.-1:00 p.m.

4:00 p.m.-9:00p.m.


24760 123/100/ 200 /300


Darsait R/A

Starcare Hospital




Seeb (next to Muscat City Centre)


Specialist Clinics





Al Hayat Policlinic




CT Scan, Ultrasound, Gynaecology, physiotherapy, gastroenterology, nephrology, eye specialist, podiatry, laser treatments etc.


Al Qabas, Dr Ute




Asthma and allergy, natural hormone therapy, menopausal therapy (treats only women and children)

Medinat al Ilam

1st Chiropractic Centre



Al Khuwair

Al Harub Medical Center





Chiropractor, psychology, (cosmetic) surgery, physiotherapy.


German Orthopaedic Centre




Orthopaedic Surgery, Physiotherapy and Plastic Surgery.

Al Khuwair

Hatat House Polyclinic


Gynaecology, Antenatal, paediatrics dermatology,  physiotherapy, orthopaedics and general medical services amongst others

Wadi Adai R/A

Medident Centre

Dental Centre



Medical/Physio, Gyneacology, dental hygienist


Muscat Eye Laser Centre


Eye Laser


Finland Eye Clinic



Vision and eye corrective surgeries


Orthopaedic Osteopathy Centre



Orthopaedic  and osteopathy specialists

Al Khuwair

There are only limited ambulance services in Oman. PDO has a stand-by service ― contact PDO emergency at (246) 75555. In 2004, the government implemented a modern ambulance service with American equipment and trained staff.  Contact the Royal Omani Police at 9999 or 24560999 for any traffic related emergencies. Quite frequently, those wounded in accidents will be transported by normal cars or a taxi.

There is a blood bank in Oman and they are always in need of blood donations. It is good to know your blood group (blood type is mentioned on driving license) and that of each member of your family in case of an emergency.

Dental Clinics, Opticians, Alternative Medicine and Pharmacies

Dental treatment is excellent but can be expensive.  Please refer to the table below for a selection of dental clinics available. 

Dental Clinics:






Building 5879 Way 666 Qurum (near CCC)





Harub Dental Surgery

24563217 ,24563814


Emergency no:




Hatat House Polyclinic Llc.



Wadi  Adai R/A

Madinat Al Sultan Qaboos Dental Clinic



Al Khuwair

Precision Dental Clinic




Shatti Al Qur’m

Qurum Medical centre in Al Alam

Dr. Peye Vlot 

Dr. Michael Worsop



Madinat al Ilam

Dr. Michael Peszkowski (Cosmetic, General and Preventive Dentistry)

In the Euro-Arabian Specialist Dental Center.


Mobile: 96009601

or ask for Michael on tel: 24698100




Sultan Qaboos



These are located at most shopping centre complexes and have modern, up to date equipment for eye tests and to maintain your vision correction prescription. Eye laser clinics (e.g.Muscat Eye Laser Centre) are also available offering treatment at competitive prices.

Other services:

Other services such as homeopathy, osteopathy, ‘aura’ treatment and psychotherapy are available from special clinics. See the notice boards at PDORC or Outpost Oman for advertisement of courses and services.


There are many well-stocked pharmacies located in the Muscat area with many prescription drugs available. In each area, there is always a pharmacy open 24 hours a day, on rotation basis. The location and telephone numbers of 24-hour chemists are given in the daily newspapers.

Health & Safety - Wildlife and Plants:

Snakes, Scorpions and Other Creatures:

To report snakes, scorpions or pests, call the Help Desk at PDO: (246) 78866

A.         Land Snakes: Snakes are timid creatures. They will usually only bite if trodden on or suddenly disturbed. Many of the bites received are from non-venomous snakes. Generally speaking, in Oman the lazy snakes are the dangerous ones, the fast moving snakes are fairly harmless.  There are no venomous lizards in Oman.

B.         Scorpions: These are mainly of the translucent variety, but there are black ones as well.  They are commonly found in the garden, especially during summer. A scorpion sting can be extremely painful. The pain can be rapidly alleviated by an injection ― go to the nearest clinic. Recovery is usually rapid and uneventful. Teach children never to turn over rocks or to touch scorpions.

C.         Black Widow Spiders: In Oman the black widow spiders, or red back spiders, are potentially dangerous. They can be recognized by the red spot on their black bodies. Bites are poisonous and very occasionally result in shock, seek medical advice.

D.         Rats: These are excellent climbers and easily get onto roofs by climbing trees growing next to houses.  Keep trees trimmed and away from houses.

E.         Cockroaches: These are not venomous but can invade the house. They get into houses through the drains outside. Prevention includes keeping the house hygienically clean, closing food storage bags and storing food in the fridge, making sure that dustbins are kept closed.

F.         Ticks: these are widely distributed by animals including camels, sheep, goats, dogs and cats. Ticks and fleas feed on blood by inserting their barbed heads into the victim’s flesh and injecting toxins. If part of the mouth breaks off, they can cause secondary infections.

G.         Flies and mosquitoes: these bite mammals (humans, dogs, cats, cattle and sheep) to obtain blood and in so doing can transmit diseases as well as cause irritation and swelling. Avoid being bitten by applying repellents. If bitten, apply bite cream and seek medical aid if more symptoms appear.

H.         Centipedes: members of this group have a pair of poisonous claws just under the head. They are active at night and hide under rocks and other debris. If bitten, seek medical care.

I.          Parasites: People who want to avoid bilharzias should not swim in Dhofar streams or ponds. Even in natural waters in other parts of Oman, snails containing the parasites may occur.  Seawater and fast flowing streams are bilharzia-free.

J.         Wild Animals: rabies is an infectious disease that affects the central nervous system. Wild (Wadi) dogs, foxes, cats and other animals (even pets) are potential rabies carriers. Rabies is transmitted by bites, scratches, licking of wounds and abrasions, as the saliva is highly infectious.

K.         Bats: these are common in Oman. They live in caves, cliffs and even fruit trees. They will all bite and if handled, can transmit rabies.

Marine Life:

A simple rule to follow:  look but do not touch!  Avoid disturbing marine life and enjoy watching the animals in their habitat.

A.         Sea Snakes: these are very dangerous. Many types of eel exist which can be easily mistaken for sea snakes.

B.         Sharks and Barracudas: Shark bites can produce a multiple ragged wound, external bleeding and shock. Only large barracudas attack humans.

C.         Moray Eels: Eel bites contain no bio-toxins but often result in secondary infections. Even a small eel can inflict a nasty deep bite and serious bleeding.

D.         Sting Rays: the sharp spines on their tails contain venom, poisonous to humans. Stingray injuries are very painful and are often complicated by infections.

E.         Electric Rays: these are frequently spotted in Omani waters. They lie on the seabed covered with sand. The large electric organs on each side of the head are strong enough to give painful shock.

F.         Stone Fish: The lionfish, scorpion fish and stonefish all have venomous spines. The lionfish is not generally regarded as deadly, but the venom of the scorpion fish is highly poisonous.

G.         Octopuses: many species occur in Oman. They are not aggressive but will bite if handled.

H.         Jellyfish: if these are known to be present, avoid swimming in the sea – since their stings can be dangerous.

I.          Needle Fish and other innocent sea-life: Sometimes a needlefish jumps out of the water and may “fly” a short distance. One can be stabbed while sitting in a boat when it leaps out of the water at high speed. This normally occurs at night only. Do not touch crabs, since they can inflict nasty pinches. Avoid sea-worms or worm-like animals on the seabed since they bite and cause severe burning, pain and swelling which can last from 7 to 10 days. Sea Cucumbers are harmless until disturbed. Contact may cause an allergic skin irritation.

Poisonous Plants:

A.         Irritant and Toxic Sap: Milkweeds and the spurges family contain milky or colourless latex that can be very dangerous if swallowed.

B.         Poisonous Berries and seeds:

It should be taken as a general rule: Never handle unfamiliar plants or chew on any roots, leaves, seeds, flowers or berries.

C.         Very poisonous plants:

Oleander: All parts of Pink and Yellow Oleander are poisonous. Even using the wood for cooking or inhaling the smoke can cause poisoning. The ingestion of a single flower is enough to kill a child. Contact can also cause dermatitis in some people.

Jasmine: Although famous for their fragrance, several species of Jasmine are poisonous.

D.         Spines: Two species of Acacia called ‘samr’ and ‘salam’ commonly grow wild in Oman. Both have sharp, nasty spines, which can penetrate skin and cause infections.

This is a list of hospitals in Oman.

Hospitals in Muscat Governorate (the Capital)

  • STARCARE HOSPITAL-As Seeb, Muscat, Oman, Telephone: +968 24557200 ,
  • STARCARE MEDICAL CENTRE, MABELA- Muscat, Oman, Telephone: +968 24263300 , (NEW CENTRE OPENED IN JUNE 2016)
  • Al Hayat International Hospital Oman (Muscat, Al Ghubra)
  • Burjeel Hospital -Al Khuwair, Muscat,Oman - 24399777 - 
  • Gulf Specialized Hospital, Maktabi Building, AL Wattaya, Muscat 22081700, 24565008 (
  • Muscat Private Hospital and IVF center :24583671
  • Advanced Fertility & Genetics Center LLC, Al Khuwair 24489647 / 24478295
  • Apollo Hospital Muscat 95455812
  • American Specialty Clinics Center, Medical and dental clinics, Laser and Plastic surgery, Al Qurm St, Muscat, Oman, (24564200
  • Burjeel Medical Centre -Al Azaiba, Muscat,Oman - 22085252
  • Gulf Specialized Hospital, Maktabi Building, AL Wattaya, Muscat 22081700, 24565008 (
  • American Specialty Clinics Center, Medical and dental clinics, Al Qurm St, Muscat, Oman, (24564200)
  • Al Bushra Medical Specialty Complex, Al Azaiba (24497789/95597021)
  • Al Hakeem fertility Mother and child care centre al khuwair
  • Al Hakeem united pharmacy al khuwair 24398136
  • Al Amal Medical Centre, Al khuwair, Ruwi, Al Khoud (24485822 / 99315996)
  • Al Noor Medical Specialties Center (managed by Al Noor Hospital), Al Khuwair, Madinat Sultan Qaboos (24949501)
  • Al Noor Medical Specialties Center Pharmacy, Al Khuwair (24949506)
  • Noor al shifa Medical complex, Thumarit, Oman
  • Hatat Polyclinic (Hatat Complex, Wadi Adai and Azaibha)
  • AlReem Medical Center - Al Athaiba
  • Al Raffah hospital Sohar
  • Al Raffah Hospital - Dr. Moopen's Group (Al Ghubra)
  • Al Hayat Polyclinic Sohar
  • Badr al Samaa group of hospitals and polyclinics, Ruwi, Al Khuwair, Alkhoud, Barkha, Sohar, Sur, Salalah, Nizwa, falaaj
  • Kims Oman Hospital
  • Atlas Hospital, Al Ghoubra
  • Atlas Hospital, Ruwi
  • The Royal Hospital, Bausher, Muscat
  • Armed Forces Hospital
  • Sultan Qaboos University Hospital
  • Starcare Hospital - Muscat
  • Starcare First Medical Center - Al Khuwair
  • Diwan Medical Services
  • Lama Polyclinic Ruwi & Al-Khuwair
  • Khoula Hospital (Al Wattya) (National Trauma Center)
  • Al Nahdha Hospital, Ruwi
  • Muscat Private Hospital
  • Apollo Medical Centre (Hamriya)
  • Medical vision specialty center (Qurum)
  • Lifeline Hospital, Sohar
  • Lifeline Hospital, Salalah

JCI accredited hospitals

Starcare Hospital,As Seeb,Muscat.

Muscat Private Hospital. Muscat

Al Raffah Hospital, Sohar LLC.

Badr Al Samaa hospital Ruwi

Badr Al Samaa hospital Al Khoud

Hospitals in the rest of Oman

  • Dr.Mohan's Diabetes Specialities Centre, Al Azaibha
  • Al Hakeem fertility mother and child care center al khuwair 95455812/24488300
  • Al Bushra Medical Specialty Complex, Al Azaiba,24497789
  • Badr al Samaa hospitals and poly clinics, Sur
  • Burjeel Hospital -Al Khuwair, Muscat,Oman
  • Al-Raffah Hospital, Sohar
  • Al Raffah Medical Centre - Sohar
  • Al Raffah Medical Centre - Liwa
  • Badr Al Samaa [Sohar], Salalah
  • Badr Al Samaa Polyclinic, Sur
  • Sultan Qaboos Hospital Salalah
  • Sur Hospital - Sur, Oman
  • Ibri Hospital - Ibri
  • Ibra Hospital - Ibra
  • Um Balqees Dental Clinic, Ibra, Sharqiya, Oman
  • Quiriyat Hospital - Quriyat
  • Nizwa Hospital - Nizwa - 2 Hospitals
  • Rustaq Hospital - Rustaq
  • Oman Al Khair Hospital- Ibri
  • Al Noor Medical Complex (Dr Mir Mustafa Ali Fazal, Physician) - Sur
  • Khasab Hospital, Musandam
  • Sohar Hospital - North Batinah, Sohar
  • Barka Polyclinic - Barka
  • Barka Health Center - Barka
  • Musanah Polyclinic - Musanah
  • Starcare Hospital - Muscat
  • Starcare First Medical Center - Al Khuwair
  • Star Medical Centre—Ruwi, Barka, Ghala, Muladha, Sohar, Shinas, Saham
  • Lifeline hospital -Sohar
  • Al Manar polyclinic - Mabelah, Sinaya

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