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List of Top Shopping Malls in Oman

The Capital area has a number of shopping malls, mostly situated in Qurum at the split of the main highway, and in the Al Khuwair area facing the Government ministries. Local produce in the super markets is reasonably priced and of a good standard. There are many furniture shops selling Western style furniture, handicraft shops, and a few galleries which renovate and customise antique Middle Eastern and Indian furniture.

All the shopping malls are fully air-conditioned, brightly lit and cleaned round the clock, have their own mix of shops and showrooms, car parks, cafes and food courts and play areas for children.

1.Al Araimi

Imageresult for ‫Al Araimi Shopping Center مركز العريمي للتسوق‬‎

Location: Qurum
PO Box: 234, Jibroo, Postal Code 114
Tel: 24566180 Fax: 24566186
E-mail: [email protected]

A popular meeting place and great find for the latest in European and International fashion and accessories. Home to brand names like JC Penny, Giordano, Mexx, Versace, Bata of Italy, Rolex, Kenwood, Bose, Bosch, Carlton Cards and Acer. Also houses shops dealing in Music, Electronics, Perfumes, Art, Crystalware, Footwear, Sports Gear, Gifts, Greeting Cards, Furniture. Burger King and Golden Gate help in stemming the hunger pangs of shoppers


2.Al Harthy complex

Imageresult for Al Harthy complex

Location: Qurum
PO Box: 20 , Al Harthy Complex, Postal Code 118
Tel: 24564481, Fax : 24560581
Information Desk: 24560454
E-mail: [email protected]

Easily recognisable by its unique design which features a star filled dome, the Al Harthy Complex has spacious floors of shopping with over 100 retail shops. From textiles, antiques, perfumes, children's toys and games, fashion and beauty products, computer accessories, and watches to books, greeting cards and flowers, everything is available at the complex. Raymond Weil, Hallmark cards, Ouiset, Bally, Xerox are some of the brands that grace the shops. With a video and amusement arcade, the laser game Q-zar and Sindbad's play city, the complex is a hot favourite with children. For lunch or a snack one can step into Kargeen Coffee Shop, or stop by for a bite at Burger King.

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