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How To Get A UK Driving License

Before we get in to the details of getting a UK driving license, let’s skim over a few important points that will give you some alternative details.

1.    The reason for your stay, and the country where the license was issued will determine the validity of your foreign driver’s license.
2.    Normally, tourists can use their foreign driver’s license for up to a year in the UK, but you can opt for an International Driving Permit      (IDP) as well.

3.    Any driver licenses issued in a member state of the EU/EFTA are valid in the UK till the age of 70.
4.    The minimum age for driving in UK is 17 years.

Now let’s dive straight into the process of applying for a driving license in the UK.


Get a provisional driving license

•    Individuals turning 17 in the next three months are eligible to apply for a DVLA provisional driving license.
•    Only residents of Great Britain can get the first provisional driving license and they should be above the minimum age required to drive a       car or bike.
•    To be able to complete your application you must have a valid UK passport or any other identity proof.
•    You also need to provide your National Insurance number and your addresses in the last 3 years.
•    You can apply online for your provisional license, and it will reach you in 1 to 3 weeks.

How to apply

   You can apply for a provisional license online orjust complete the D1 application form which can be acquired from your local Post Office.
  If you are sending your application through post, you will have to send the following documents along:

  •    Original documentsthat authenticate your identity;
  •   Color passport photograph;
  •   Check or postal order for application fee, and the completed application.
  •   Once your provisional driving license application is accepted you will receive a green photo card. This photo card will be    required for your driving theory test and your practical test.
  •  After passing your practical driving test your green photo card will be replaced by a pink full driving license photo card.

Applying for your full driving license

•    You will be eligible to apply for a full driving license after passinga practical driving test.
•    Your examiner will forward your driving test passcertificate to the DVLA.
•    You should make sure that your driving test passcertificate and other documents reach the DVLA within 2 years of passing your driving     test or you’ll have to take it again.
•    You will get your full driving license within 3 weeks.

The Internet has made it is so much easier to apply for a UK driving license. As long as you provide all the documents, meet the basic requirements, and furnish the application form with the correct information, the process will be effortless and quite quick.

Author: Tanya Michael   

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