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Oppo shares Oppo Watch's best look yet and it seems an Apple Watch clone

Oppo has finally revealed the first full look of its upcoming Oppo Watch in a new teaser posted on Tuesday, March 3. After a deluge of teasers, the Oppo Watch is now ready for launch at the Find X2 event on March 6, but the company has given away what the smartwatch will look like in its attempt to build the hype.

The Oppo Watch, as expected, looks exactly similar to the Apple Watch in fact, there is no telling apart between Oppo’s first smartwatch and Apple’s highly-functional smartwatch that has had a boring design now. While the design of the Oppo Watch looks copied, the functions on it could be toned down to suit the pricing.

The teaser was posted by Oppo’s global account on Twitter that says - It’s time to say hello to Oppo Watch. It will be launched alongside the Find X2 flagship phone at 10.30 am CET on March 6, which translates to 3.00 pm IST the same day.

While the design of the Oppo Watch has now been revealed in its entirety, its specifications and features remain a mystery. A previous report suggested the smartwatch will run Wear OS and the latest teaser shows the call interface on the Oppo Watch, indicating there will be calling capabilities on it. The smartwatch will also support sending SMS on call rejection. There are two physical buttons on the right side of the smartwatch probably the only conspicuous difference in its design and Apple Watch’s. The Apple Watch has a digital crown on the side that is integrated with quite many functions.

The teaser also shows there will be colour options for the Oppo Watch gold and blue. There will be interchangeable straps on the smartwatch, which also look like the ones on Apple Watch but have some dissimilarities at the same time. The display on the Oppo Watch which has already been confirmed by an Oppo official will be curved and shielded by a 3D glass on top. Another image teased previously shows a microphone on the Oppo Watch hinting at the calling capabilities again, along with voice support for Google Assistant, maybe?

For now, we have tidbits of information on the Oppo Watch. The full list of specifications and features will be revealed by Oppo at the March 6 event but we can expect more teasers in the build-up.


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