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Tatkal ticket booking rules of 2017 that you need to make a note of

If the new rules for booking Tatkal tickets for IRCTC have left you confused, here is what you need to know. The travelling season is here and so is the time of last moment travel bookings, which ultimately translate into the booking of Tatkal tickets online.


Thanks to the Tatkal ticket booking system of the Indian Railways, last minute travel plans don’t get hampered, even when it’s the peak season. Railway reservations made through the Tatkal booking scheme around the festive season, which is also a popular travel season in the country, has been difficult because of an ever-increasing demand. But thanks to the new rules of the Tatkal ticket booking online on the IRCTC website, travellers have lesser reasons to worry about unconfirmed PNR status.

Here’s a quick look at IRCTC’s Tatkal ticket booking rules as they stand in 2017:

1) While there are no concessions offered during the booking of Tatkal tickets, no refund will also be granted on the cancellation of confirmed tickets booked through the Tatkal scheme.

2) Thanks to the new rules, you can now cancel your waiting-list or RAC Tatkal ticket upto 30 minutes before your train’s scheduled departure time.

3) However, if your Tatkal ticket is on the waiting list or RAC and it gets confirmed at any time before the preparation of the final passenger chart, you won’t be entitled to refunds in case of cancellation.

4) If you have booked more than one Tatkal ticket, and the reservation hasn’t been confirmed, you are entitled to cancel and get the refund for everyone’s ticket, provided that you do so up to 30 minutes before your train’s scheduled departure time.

5) In case the train for which you have booked a Tatkal ticket is either cancelled or is more than three hours late, you can claim a refund by filing a Ticket Deposit Receipt (TDR) with the reason stated.

6) Tatkal tickets can now be booked without paying the money immediately. The same can be done through either of the ePayLater or Pay-on-Delivery schemes. While Pay-on-Delivery lets you pay for the ticket once you get it, ePayLater gives you a 14-day window for paying the amount.

7) A useful thing to know: before you go ahead for the ePayLater option, make sure you have done your registration well in advance as it otherwise requires you to do so at the time of Tatkal booking, thus wasting crucial time.

Source: happytrips

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