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Filipino Worker Dies Because of Overwork

A Filipino, 27, reportedly died due to “karoshi” also known as overwork, this is according to the Japanese authorities.

A certain Joey Tocnang reported died because of heart failure just before three months of his return to the Philippines. According to local authorities, the incident happened because Tocnang was forced to work for several hours, for more or less 78.5 to 122.5 hours the past month before his death.


Last 2011, Tocnang went to Japan to work in Gifu Prefecture to cut steel and apply chemicals on molds. Upon his rendered work, he was paid a minimum wage and most of it was sent to the Philippines for his family. Tocnang’s family received compensation amounting to 5 million yen (PHP2,300,000).

Currently, the Japanese lawmakers are trying to improve the working conditions of foreign workers in Japan. Amidst that, the Filipino worker was the first documented case of overwork since the year 2011.

It was also found out that the employer of Tocnang overworked other Filipino workers and a Japanese national.

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Source: qatarday

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