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Three-Month-Old Baby Goes Blind In One Eye After Someone Took His Picture With Bright Flash. Must Read!

There is no doubt that looking at the adorable and innocent faces of infants brings relief. Whether or not you're fond of kids, just a glimpse of those tiny little angels will probably get you hooked without even realizing it. We love babies so much we often store multiple photos of them in our phones, whether it's our child or not. 

Capturing the innocence and cuteness of babies to have something to look back to in the future is normal. However parents should learn to be more cautious for the sake of their own child.

three-month-old Chinese baby went blind in one eye after a family friend took his picture with the flash turned on. In the hopes of taking a close-up photo of the child, the man held the phone approximately 10 inches away from the baby's face.


It did not take long for the parents to realize that something was wrong with their baby's eyesight after the incident. When the child was brought to a doctor, they found out that the flash caused irreparable damage to the child's macula, which is responsible for focusing on the light rays that penetrate the eyes.

The child's vision in his left eye was weakened while his right eye completely went blind due to the careless incident.

Experts have shared that despite the normal reflex of the child to blink upon exposure to strong light, it may still cause permanent damage. This incident serves as a reminder for parents to be mindful of their children and the consequences that come along with their actions.

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