Job, free housing for everyone in this Australian town

This town in Australia is offering free housing, gym, and swimming pool, but there's catch!

As unbelievable as it may sound, this tiny outback town named Leinster in Western Australia is home to about 500 people living this life.


However, there is one condition to have all these benefits -- to work for BHP mines which are located in this dusty isolated town about 1,000km northeast of Perth.

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Crystal Drinkwater, 34, and her partner Tyson Whillas, 28, both have been working in the mines in Leinster for a year now. But despite the attractive perks, Drinkwater said nothing is for free there.

"People work constantly, we're very isolated and people have sacrificed a lot to live here," Drinkwater was quoted as saying in Daily Mail Australia.

She added, "Because everyone is here to do their jobs and has come a long way it brings everyone together - there's a common goal. The community spirit here is absolutely fantastic."

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The couple who moved from Port Lincoln in South Australia said the change from living by the ocean to the dusty roads of the outback took some getting used to.

"People here become your family. You're driving down a red, dirt road and then you pull into Leinster and there's all this lush greenery. You walk down the road and there's palm trees lining the way to the bus stop," Drinkwater said.

Surprisingly, there are only two police officers in the town as the crime rate is nearly negligible. Police officer-in-charge Paul Vargas said their work is made simpler by the positive interactions they have with residents.

"There's limited government agencies out here and we all work pretty closely. There's no real issues in the town, nothing really gets out of control," Sergeant Vargas said.

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