Spicy Rendang, Savory Masala, Green Curry: 9 Cold-Fighting Instant Pot Recipes

One pot to rule them all

By now, most of you are likely to have an Instant Pot either sitting on your kitchen counter or at the top of your wish list. There’s not much left to say about this multifunction cooker that hasn’t already been mentioned. Even The New York Times has credited the Instant Pot as the “gadget that spawned a religion.”


The verdict is in: It’s truly a one-pot wonder that makes cooking a breeze. It’s perfect for any mom who doesn’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen, any millennial whose rental lifestyle won’t let them commit to more than one pan (let alone a rice or pressure cooker), and any home chef who needs a versatile device to experiment being a Master Chef with.

Now that we’re in the heart of winter, it’s the perfect time to put your Instant Pot to work by trying out these Asian winter pot recipes.

Rice porridge to warm your belly

The mother of all Asian comfort foods, congee exists in various forms throughout the continent. While individual ingredients and preparation methods may vary by country or region, the recipe is always built upon a base of soupy rice porridge. Various meats, vegetables, and spices are then added and slow cooked to create a delicious, belly-warming dish that’s often consumed during cold weather or as an easily digestible meal for those fighting through winter colds and flus. Check out this recipe from Amy + Jacky, which includes immune-boosting ginger. Feel free to experiment by adding your own favorite spices and ingredients.

Spicy rendang to sweat out the flu

AsianInstant Pot Recipes

Rendang is a very popular dish on Indonesia’s many islands, consisting of meat — usually beef — that’s slow cooked for several hours in coconut milk and a unique blend of spices until the meat has absorbed almost all of the flavor-infused liquid. This highly aromatic dish is served over freshly steamed white rice, making it a robust and filling meal for a cold winter day. Along with turmeric and ginger, this recipe features the antibacterial galangal root. An Instant Pot-friendly recipe can be found at What to Cook Today.

Savory masala for homey leftovers

This chicken and chickpea masala recipe from the folks at Serious Eats is everything you want in a winter Instant Pot recipe. Hearty, rich, and full of warming Indian spices, you’ll want to cook enough to have leftovers for a week — curries often get even better after spending a day in the fridge! It also contains many culinary, yet medicinal spices, you may know from Ayurveda, such as the anti-inflammatory turmeric.

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