How to Apply for Visa Medical in Saudi Arabia

You will need to set up an appointment with your doctor to complete the medical examination including the required lab tests and medical forms. You should do this is soon as you get the paperwork for the visa as medical tests can take time and this will prolong the visa process.

The medical lab tests and medical reports must be completed within three months of the date your visa is submitted to the embassy. The official Embassy Medical Report forms must be completed in full, and in triplicate, by a licensed Medical Doctor (MD). The name, license number, signature, and address of your doctor should appear clearly on each page of your completed medical forms.


The following medical lab test results (required for the visa) must accompany your Embassy Medical Reports (any copies must be initialed by your physician)

• HIV;
• Hepatitis B;
• Hepatitis C;
• Chest x-ray: PA & Lateral. If you have a chest x-ray no older than 12months, the old test result can be used.
• RPR/Syphilis;
• Blood counts and screening profile (this includes: glucose, creatinine, liver function tests, urea, total protein and cholesterol);
• Urinalysis (including glucose)

Once you send the test results to your employer or recruitment agency, your residence visa process should start. The process may take up to three months due to the red tape in Saudi Arabia. Once your visa is stamped into your passport all your documents will be sent back to you and you will be able to travel to Saudi Arabia.

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